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Mission and Vision

Our Vision…

The College of Health Professions (CHP) will be a recognized leader in the preparation of healthcare professionals.

This distinction will provide students with the lifelong ability to seek and acquire information and transform this knowledge into responsible action within the national and global health care environment.

Our Mission…

The mission of the College of Health Professions is to train and educate future healthcare professional leaders through inter-professional collaboration, practice and academic excellence.

Therefore, the college recognizes that the education of health career students through the critical thinking process is our highest priority. CHP is dedicated to learner-centered approach. Therefore, the college is dedicated to integrating classroom activities, service learning approaches, increased research and scholarship endeavors, and practical experiences in professional settings. We are committed to lifelong learning and to conducting interdisciplinary education, research and scholarly activities as means of contributing to the body of knowledge in the health professions. The College, through support of academic, scholarly, and service activities is committed to promoting professional and personal growth of students, staff, and faculty to serve our rapidly changing global economy and environment. CHP will partner with various healthcare providers and facilities to prepare students for rapidly changing health careers. CHP mission reflects and supports the larger mission of Ferris State University.

Our College Slogan…

“Strengthening Partnerships for Academic and Professional Excellence in Health”.

Our Values (FSU Six Core Values in Bold)…

  • We believe in high quality education and learning for our students.
  • We believe in learner-centered approach in all we do.
  • We believe that our faculty members are active in both teaching and learning.
  • We believe in developing our faculty and students into leaders (Opportunity).
  • We believe that healthcare professionals play a vital role in affecting health outcomes, quality of care and costs (Collaboration, Diversity, Opportunity)
  • We anticipate and respond to changes and opportunities in society and the health care environment.
  • We support collaborative, integrative and inter-professional initiatives.
  • We believe and support partnerships for academic/professional excellence in Health (Collaboration, Diversity, Learning, and Excellence).
  • We support creativity, innovation, and professional ethics.
  • We support an open and diverse learning environment.
  • We believe that programs should drive supportive resources.
  • We believe that any learning process should involve practical applications.
  • We set high professional performance standards for our students and ourselves (Professional Ethics)
  • We recognize the importance of scholarly activities and professional service in terms of developing an active intellectual environment (Collaboration, Diversity, Professional Ethics, Excellence, Learning and Opportunity).