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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Transfer Student Scholarships

  •  I have 12 accepted transfer credits and a 3.8 Cumulative GPA, does that mean I will receive all of the Transfer Scholarships?
    No. Transfer Scholarships are limited to one per eligible student. You will be awarded the highest valued scholarship that you are eligible to receive.
  •  I attended Ferris State two years ago and will be transferring back to Ferris in the Fall of 2019. Will I be eligible for a Transfer Scholarship?
    No. Only transfer students attending Ferris State University for the first-time are eligible for Transfer Scholarships.
  •  Can I get a Transfer Scholarship if I am a part-time student?
    No. The Transfer Scholarships all require full-time attendance, which is 12 credit hours for undergraduate students.
  •  Can I receive a Transfer Scholarship in the Summer semester?

    No. The Transfer Scholarships are not available in the Summer semester.

  •  Are Transfer Scholarships renewable?

    Yes. Transfer Scholarships may be received for a total of three years or 6 semesters.

  •  What is the renewable criteria for the Transfer Scholarships?

    Transfer Scholarships will be renewed for students who are continuously enrolled full-time, who are in good standing in accordance with our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and are also based on the student's cumulative Ferris State University grade point average.

    To view the specific renewal criteria for your scholarship, log into MyFSU, go to "Accept Award Offer", and click the name of your Scholarship.

  •  Are graduate or professional degree students eligible for Transfer Scholarships?

    No. Only undergraduate students are eligible for Transfer Scholarships.

  •  Are Statewide students (students who are enrolled in Ferris programs at an off-campus location) or Online students eligible for Transfer Scholarships?

    No. Only Big Rapids main-campus students are eligible for Transfer Scholarships.

  •  I am going to attend Kendall College of Art & Design. Will I be eligible for a Ferris Transfer Scholarship?

    Kendall College of Art & Design offers transfer scholarships specifically for qualified students transferring to Kendall. Please click here for details regarding Kendall Transfer Scholarships.

  •  I have attended more than one prior college. How will Ferris State calculate my grade point average?

    Your grade point average will be calculated using the combined grade point average from all prior schools and the number of credit hours earned at each prior school.

  •  I am admitted to an online program. Am I eligible for a WNF Scholarship?

    No. Only students attending Big Rapids main campus are eligible to receive WNF Scholarships.