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IRS Data Retrieval

If you were selected for the Verification Process, IRS Data Retrieval is the recommended method of providing tax documentation. IRS Data Retrieval is a tool that is built in to the FAFSA, that allows you to pull federal tax information from the Internal Revenue Service's system directly into your FAFSA.

Please note that students or parents that are currently married but filed their 2021 federal income taxes as "Married Filing Separately" or "Head of Household"; filed a 1040X amended tax return; or filed a foreign tax return are not eligible to use the IRS Data retrieval tool.

  • Login to your FAFSA at
  • Enter your FSA ID user name and password
  • Click on the FAFSA aid year (2023-2024) and select "Make FAFSA Corrections"
  • Create a "Save Key", which is a temporary password
  • Click on or "next page" to access the "Financial Information" tab
  • If you are a dependent student you will complete this for parent's and then for student's tax information
  • Make sure that your answer to the "Have you completed your 2021 IRS income tax return" is "Already Completed". Answer the pop up questions and click "Link to the IRS"
  • Type in your address exactly as it is shown on your 2021 Federal 1040 tax return
    • The data retrieval software is Case Sensitive (ALL CAPS or Sentence Case)
    • If your middle initial is on your tax return, you must include it one space after your first name
    • If your address includes abbreviations on your tax return, you must duplicate the abbreviations (do not include punctuation. Example: for 224 St. Joseph Street, enter 224 St Joseph Street)
  • Select "Transfer Into the FAFSA"
    • Do not alter any information that was transferred to your FAFSA. Altering the information invalidates the IRS Data Retrieval process
  • If you are a dependent student, complete the process for your parent first, and then for your own tax information
  • Critical Step: Next page to the end of your FAFSA, sign and submit.

If you are unable to complete IRS Data Retrieval, please click here for Tax Documentation information.