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Incoming Scholarships for Fully Online and Statewide Students

Woodbridge N. Ferris Scholarships

If you have been awarded a Woodbridge N. Ferris (WNF) Scholarship, please click here for important scholarship information, including renewal requirements.   

Freshmen that are admitted to one of our approved community college locations in a full-time, fully-online or statewide program for spring 2022 semester or beyond, that have the high school GPA requirements listed in the chart below, will automatically be reviewed for a WNF Scholarship

Students must be enrolled continuously full-time (at least 12 credit hours) with combined enrollment at both schools to qualify for the scholarship. Scholarships will not be awarded during the summer semester.  The Scholarship amounts will be prorated based on the number of Ferris credit hours each student is enrolled for. Example: If a student is enrolled in 6 Ferris credit hours and 6 GRCC credit hours, this meets the full-time requirement for the scholarship. The student in this example would receive the prorated amount for 6 Ferris credit hours. 

Fully-Online or Statewide WNF Scholarship Cumulative HS GPA Annual Amount Cumulative Renewal Ferris GPA
Ember Scholarship 4.0 or above $5,000 3.0
Provost's Scholarship 3.75 - 3.99 $4,500 3.0
Dean's Scholarship 3.5 - 3.74 $3,500 3.0
Gold Scholarship 3.25 - 3.49 $2,000 2.75
Crimson Scholarship 3.0 - 3.24 $1,500 2.75

 If a student takes courses only at the community college for a semester, this will count against the scholarship eligibility and the scholarship will be prorated to $0 for that semester. Remaining funds from proration cannot be used for future semesters. Proration will be as follows, based on the number of enrolled Ferris credit hours:


Annual Value

12+ FSU cr/sem 9-11 FSU cr/sem 6-8 FSU cr/sem 1-5 FSU cr/sem
Ember $5,000 $2,500 $1,875 $1,250 $625
Provost's $4,500 $2,250 $1,688 $1,125 $563
Dean's  $3500 $1,750 $1,313 $875 $438
Gold  $2,000 $1,000 $750 $500 $250
Crimson $1,500 $750 $563 $375 $188