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Pat on the Back Awards November 2007

Congratulations to —

FLITE Access Services student assistant Brandy Axford has made her outstanding contributions to the library services since she was hired three years ago. Brandy is a very responsible, organized, diligent and self-motivated young adult. She understands the need of our patrons and always strives to provide the best possible services to them. Her inner qualities, reflected in her work, are valued by the members of our work team. Brandy is a true asset to the Access Services!

Brian Kelley is a first year Hall Director at Ferris and has been assisting in promoting advocacy and understanding of the LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Ally) population. Brian has assisted with promoting understanding and advocacy by encouraging and assisting with the planning of a weeks worth of activities for National Coming Out Day. One of these activities was creating a question and answer panel that was called the "Full Spectrum". This Q & A session brought about 15 people across campus to ask any questions they may have regarding this diverse community. Brian has also assumed the responsibility of Advisor and supporter for the DSAGA group here on campus. Brian has been a mentor and a role model for students going through the process of coming out as well as advocating for more ally support and understanding across campus.

I would like to nominate Michelle Allen, Honors Program Support Staff, for a Pat on the Back Award. Michelle was moved from her previous office of two years to a new office location across campus. She wholeheartedly took on the challenge with grace and style. Her work ethic and speed constantly amaze us. Good job Michelle!

I would like to nominate Shawnee Griffin. She always goes above and beyond. She sees something that needs to be done in a building, does it, and never seeks any recognition for it.

Dawn Schavey and Ligia Encarnacion Reason: FSU hero's assist lost child. On Wednesday, October 3rd, a young girl entered the FSU Grand Rapids office where Ligia Encarnacion was manning our front desk. The girl began sobbing hysterically when Ligia asked if she could help her. Ligia got a chair and placed it near her, on the "working" side of the desk, had the young girl sit down and attempted to understand and help. The young lady was eleven years old and lost. She was supposed to walk from her school to her mother's office to study before riding home with mom. She knew she wasn't supposed to talk to strangers, she knew she was hopelessly lost, and she knew she needed help. Ligia had her sit still and went to get the Student Services Supervisor, Dawn Schavey. Dawn was very patient and kind with our young friend. She was finally able to get the name of her mother's office and found out that the young lady did have her mother's cell phone number with her in her school bag. Dawn called Loren's mother, explained what had happened, got permission for Loren to ride to the office with another staff. Ultimately Ligia's kindness and quick thinking along with Dawn's patient, calm, motherly questions "saved the day" for both Loren and her mother!

I would like to commend the following University Staff members for their talent, dedication, and assistance with the 2007 Michigan Construction Hall of Fame: Tony Albachten, Bill Bitzinger, Shohreh Ferdowsi, Ted Halm, Michelle Herron, Kent Kacheterian, Leah Nixon, Richard Piippo, Susan Starkey, Donna Smith, Shari Wessels, Alan Williams, and Stan Vallier and dining staff members Brenna Kelley, Muffy Bryant, Margo Berke, Sarah Youngs, Angela McCane, Amelia Nelson, Marlene Ulrich, Antony Williams, Shandolyn Lewis, Jeff Perkowski, Tracey McKinney, Tyler Azevedo, Matt Sweeney, Ashley Constentine, Jay Baker, Sonya ArquetteJaqueliine Carmoney, April Carter, Mandy Blondia, Jess Moran, Gary Wendlowsky, Vince McCartney, Jared Love, Josie Eagle, Jeff Horrigan, and Mark Terwilleger. Every one was instrumental in pulling this event together for this year's Distinguished Constructor's to enjoy! Thank you!

We'd like to nominate John Bush and Terry Dawson, custodians in the VFS building, for their great work in getting our laboratories ready for our recent accreditation site visit. Our labs are in use from 9AM through 8PM every day, so it's hard for them to get in even to empty the wastebaskets. But they took several days to clean our sinks, polish our floors, and make the place look great. We really appreciate their work

I would like to nominate Dr. Robert Friar for a Pat-on-the-Back Award. He was gracious enough to make himself available this fall for five presentations of "Sex and the College Student" for the first-year seminar (FSUS) courses. Dr. Friar always receives favorable reviews for his presentations - most sessions are standing room only. Many students indicated that they weren't required to attend but had heard "good things" about Dr. Friar's presentations and wanted to check it out for themselves! Kudos to Dr. Friar!

I would like to nominate Dean Vanostenburg for a pat on the back award. Dean handled a situation that could have turned very serious in an expedient manner. After calling 911 and assessing the situation he extinguished a fire in a trash can that was located in a chemical storage area thus eliminating the immediate danger of a possible chemical fire.

I would like to nominate Judy Becker for a Pat On The Back Award. She is one of the most dedicated co-worker I've ever worked with. She is very conscientious, helpful and almost always knows the answer to any question anyone may have. She's a joy to work with! Thank you.