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Pat on the Back Awards July 2007

Congratulations to —

I would like to thank Krista Wilcox, Steve Miller and Kris Rasmussen for their extra efforts for spending their evening and early hours in the morning on Thursday and Friday working with Docushare and getting the data off a failing hard drive. They all worked until 3:00 in the morning in order to save valuable data on failing hard drives so that critical data could be saved and maintained. Thank you.

I would like to nominate Bill Potter for a Pat on the Back award. During the Diversity Day portion of Summer University, Dr. Potter, on very short notice, agreed to take Dr. Hale, the keynote speaker, to visit the Jim Crow Museum--and to drive the Hales to their hotel after the tour. In addition, he did this before the session that he helped facilitate. Thank you, Bill.

During Summer University 2007, Ed and Bonnie Dorman volunteered to return Dr. Frank Hale and his wife Mignon to the airport to catch a flight shortly after his final keynote presentation. Because of the timing, they literally "had the motor running" to get to the airport on time.

Mike Cairns deserves a pat on the back for his warmth and kindness towards incoming students and their families. During the Orientation process he is a portrait of welcoming conviviality. He puts parents, students and co-workers at ease, and relaxes them with his humorous spirit. We need more Mikes around here to keep our spirits high.

Matt Eickhoff's creativity, sense of fun, attention to detail and commitment to projects here at Ferris is legendary. His distinctive blend of wit and wisdom enhances all of our collective lives.

We would like to put a pat on the back in for John Monahan. When ever we call, if he can't get us on-line over the phone he is always willing to come out and get our computers up and running. John we appreciate all that you do for us. It is wonderful that you take good care of your customers. Keep up the good work John.

I would like to nominate Dr. Virginia Hines for this award. She teaches in the School of Education in Big Rapids, and spent several mornings at FSU-GR to train faculty in Livetext Software. This is important because it enables faculty to help students create web based portfolios. I appreciate the time she took to train us and to do it well!

Several weeks ago I was given the task of coordinating the mail center while a search took place to replace the open coordinator position. I was unfamiliar with the inter-workings of the campus mail center. The job is a difficult one and involves a plethora of rules and regulations. To assist in all mail center functions, the mail center employs several students. The four students who are working this summer have been spectacular. I have worked with dozens of students over the years, and this is as fine a group of students as I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I wish to thank each one of these students and I enthusiastically recommend the following people for a pat-on-the-back award; Danielle Erler, Lindsey Ramsey, Tiffany Hunt and Jesi Snavely.