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Pat on the Back Awards June 2007

Congratulations to —

I would like to nominate Paul Quick, Manager of Bus. Operations at CSS 101T for taking the time to resolve a student's problem by personally producing and sending the document they required. This act ensured that a frustrated, upset student would continue to take FSU classes at a UCEL campus. He also took the time to teach me how to access the information on Banner; this allows me to provide better service to our students in the future.

I would like to nominate Lisa Roach for a pat-on-the-back award. She has demonstrated relentless commitment to her job by going above and beyond to make sure that things run more smoothly in our clinic. She in always friendly and willing to help when problems arise--often staying late to find charts or making calls to find information. She is a joy to work with.

The ATS sends a "Huge" pat-on-the-back and thank you to the FSU carpenters, painters, electricians, movers, and administrative staff for all your help and assistance in preparing Alumni 114 for occupancy. We appreciate all of you: Annette Erler, Kim Kleeves, Matt Stanke, Mark Eichenberg, Bill Benedict, Tim Bowman, Tom Lokers, Chris Wright, Glen Zobel, Jeff Boochard, Charlyn Davis, Brian Estes, Walt Smith, Allen Tetsworth, Richard Spedowske, Dale Versluis, and anyone else that I missed by name. Your cooperation in getting the job done is demonstrated daily.

The David L. Eisler Center for Extended Learning would like to give a Pat-On-The Back award to the many people who were involved in the painting and new carpeting in our offices in the Alumni Building. There were many people who were involved in this project, including Matt Stanke, Karen Simmon, Mark Eichenberg, the painting crew, the moving crew, the carpenters, the electricians, the telephone crew, Team Beta computer support staff, custodians, and many others that we may be missing (but you know who you are). We appreciate everyone that helped complete this project in such a timely and professional manner. We were very impressed with the workers and their completed project. Thank you for all your hard work!

Chuck Rathbun takes calls every day in the TAC (Technology Assistance Center). I have been very pleased to work with him over the last month or two as he has noticed a pattern in calls and worked with me to resolve them. He used his "big-picture" thinking and problem-solving skills to figure out why some applicants were not getting their login IDs created. Chuck's work with Bruce Gilchrist and Mike Miklusicak helped identify those missing records and get IDs created for them. Thanks, too, Bruce, for your untiring work with the Banner script to catch all these people!

On Saturday, May 5th, Sergeant Timothy Jacobs was directing traffic directly in front of Ewigleben Sports Complex where vehicles are instructed through to a designated drop off area past the entrance. As I was entering the complex to attend the 9:00 a.m. commencement ceremony, I witnessed a vehicle stop directly in front of the entrance and an elderly couple started to exit the car. Sergeant Jacobs took immediate notice of the need for an exception to the rule and quickly moved around the car and assisted the elderly couple from the vehicle and safely onto the sidewalk. He then promptly resumed his duty of swiftly and smoothly directing traffic into the parking area. I was so pleased to see that in a situation where this enforcement officer could have reprimanded the driver for unloading in an un-designated area, Sergeant Jacobs instead promoted the courteous and service-oriented attitude that makes Ferris such an outstanding institution. His thoughtful actions only added to the joyous experience for this graduate's family. I have frequently witnessed Sergeant Jacobs' superior work ethic and friendly demeanor on campus. He is a pleasure to work with and I would like to see Sergeant Jacobs receive a much deserved Pat-on-the-Back award for making all of Ferris proud of our department of public safety.

Paul Peoples has been working with the Housing and Business Office for a few months to recreate a process in Banner to batch enter housing deposit refunds rather than manually entering them one by one. The process and the 'tweak' he has done to my report has literally saved me (and I am not kidding!!) DAYS (I'd say 4-5 days) of keyboard entry, as well as having to look up information on each and every student before I do the check out. Actually (even if it hurts to say this) what Paul has done with Banner was WAY better than what we had with SIS.

I would like to give a Pat on the Back award to Kathy Fisher of Enrollment Services. We ask . . . we get. We ask again . . . we get again. She is easy to work with; can't ruffle her feathers; very accommodating and good at troubleshooting. Thanks Kathy . . . you make our life easier at FSU!

I would like to give Heather Youngs, Coordinator of Scholarship Programs, a big Pat on the Back award. She always answers email and/or phone calls. She is really helpful if you have questions about scholarships. She is very easy to work with. Thanks, Heather, for being so wonderful to work with . . . even if it is just by email! I appreciate that!

Leigh Theunick deserves a Pat on the Back award for being so knowledgeable about transfer applicants and the entire process of being admitted to FSU. Our office has relied on her patience and knowledge to help us get up to speed. We appreciate how she always answers email and phone messages in one day! Thanks, Leigh. We do appreciate you!

I would like to nominate Lou Ann Kirkpatrick for a Pat on the Back Award. She always goes over, above and beyond in her job. She welcomes all who comes into the Admissions area with kindness and professionalism! Her knowledge of Admissions and Ferris is such a great asset to her position as she helps students, future students and parents with all types of inquiries. She is a true "dedicated" employee of Ferris and an "awesome" asset to the Admissions/Records Department.

Shelly VandePanne always does whatever she can to enhance the student's experience at FSU to assure it is a good one. She also maintains a pleasant and positive attitude spiced with a sense of humor and humility which serves as a role model for co-workers and students. She is AWESOME!!