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Pat on the Back Awards March 2007

Congratulations to —

I would like to nominate three students who are assets to the Physical Plant Custodial Department in the Allied Health Building. Ashton Bell, Jim Hansen, and Lance Davis. These students are hard working, thorough, easy to talk to, considerate, and worthy of a 'Pat on the Back."

A Pat on the Back goes to Amy Otteson for her attention to detail, desire to do well and her conscientious spirit.

Kristen Salomonson deserves recognition for her inclusive style of leadership, great sense of humor and ability to get a group to blend, be cohesive and accomplish what they set out to do.

Krishnakali Majumdar is a professor that pushes the boundaries, helps her students to do the same, and inspires them to step out of the tiny box they never even knew they were in.

For a "pat - on - the - back" award, I offer for nomination, Deb Savides. She is fairly new in the payroll office, but she has made a positive impression on me. She answers the phone in such a way that you can almost see her smiling face. I had some questions about my check and she was very helpful in assisting me, I really appreciated her help and she is a pleasure to deal with. Great job Deb Thank you!!!!!!

I would like to nominate Tyrone Collins for the Pat on the Back Award. Tyrone always goes out of his way for our students, both current and future. He is also always there to support his co-workers and offer assistance to anyone he can. He is the epitome of class and an outstanding representation of how people should treat one another.

I would like to nominate the HVAC crew for all of their work and the extra effort expended toward maintaining comfort levels in buildings campus wide. The extended run of extreme cold weather created challenges for the department, but they rose to and met the challenge admirably because "this is what we do!" Thanks and congratulations for the effort go to Mike Depew, Mike Toles, Greg Kehr, Ed Green, Eli Williams, Tim Pullen, Bill Conrad, Mark Rozier, Bill Ruppel, Scott Ruiter and their supervisor John Pasquantonio. Thanks also to Mike Troupe for his assistance.

I would like to nominate Crystal Joslin, Humanities support staff, for a Pat on the Back. There was a room usage problem created by a large class size in the Swan building, Crystal was kind enough to move a history class booked in Swan to another room. Without her help, I would have spent a considerable amount of time trying to find a room large enough to accommodate the class.

Linda Golden and Ann Rescoe have been holding monthly "town hall meetings" for P-card. This has been a terrific way to share information and reach a lot of people about concerns and ideas. Their dedication to making the campus p-card program easier to use and understandable to all persons is to be commended. Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop and making educating users a high priority.

Kevin Jackson, custodial supervisor, came into work on a Sunday evening to assist our photographers with some under water photography in the UREC pool. We needed to gain access to the rooms beneath the pool in order to shoot some scuba diving video, and Kevin made a special effort to contact us and say he'd be available to help. He met us at the Rec Center at 7 p.m. and gave us the access we needed. Also, hats off to Dale Schoner, of the custodial staff, for contacting Kevin and setting up the video shoot from the beginning.

The ATS Staff would like to give a "BIG THANK YOU" and a "JOB WELL DONE" to Jody Gardei, Curtis Earl, and their students: Brad Bammert, Shanaria Howell, Trevor Stokes, James Swearingen, Brent Johnson and Josh Murray for all their hard work and planning for the Honors Invitational last Saturday. They are all deserving to be nominated for the Pat-On-The-Back Award. With their dedication to detail and planning, the event was very successful.

Another nomination goes out to Lee Weaver and Chris Pommerenke for the Pat-On-The-Back Award for their work on the Enhancing Academic Classroom Technology Project to facilitate contacting computer support personnel. Their willingness to research and tackle a new project is much respected and appreciated. Thank you for a great job!

What would we do without Ben Chambers? He took on this project and has done a superb job of testing and teaching the "ins and outs" of this software package. You are so deserving of the Pat-On-The-Back Award. Thank you Ben, for your hard work and initiative.

A Pat-On-The-Back Award goes out to all the ATS staff: Ben Chambers, Scott Claerhout, Curtis Earl, Jody Gardei, Michael Johnson, Rosemary Kailing, Brent Kundinger, Shawn Lagasse, John Monahan, Shawn O'Grady, Chris Pommerenke, Randy Shanks, Joe Strohkirch, Kriss Tessin, Scott Thede, Ken Verrill, and Lee Weaver, it is a pleasure to work with each and every one of you.

I would like to nominate all of these people in the COEHS Academic Affairs Office for the exceptional efficiency and effectiveness with which they deal with students and staff. They bring a calm, positive atmosphere to the jobs they do and the people with whom they deal. By the same token, they bring a friendly and positive collaboration to the working relationship they have with one another. They continually go out of their way to help students because they care about them. They are an excellent, efficient and positive TEAM: Terry Langan, Mary Cline, Michelle Richardson, Billie Jo Duddles.

I wish to offer my nomination for a "Pat-on-the-Back" award to several people. Undoubtedly, recognition for a job well done is very nice but this goes much further. The efforts made here go well beyond the everyday trials and tribulations of our daily work routine. When a fellow employee was going through a most difficult time in their personal life these fine people, not only stepped up and offered their assistance, but did so with the kindest of intentions. It is with my best wishes and heartfelt gratitude that I offer for nomination, Charlie Carpenter, Kimberly Kleeves, Annette Erler, Fonda Kuzee, Teresa Havens, Pepper Bonnett, Sheryl Cass, Glenn Zobel, John Bush, Mike Kelly, Greg Kehr, Kevin Jackson, Gary Gawne, Karen Simmon, Shanee Ramsey and Mike Hughes and thanks also, to both the AFSCME and the CT unions for all you did.