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Pat on the Back Awards May 2007

Congratulations to —

Marlene O'Hara- who is the "mother" to all CJ students, who drops everything to meet with a student, and who always provides humor and countless goodies to our office. The relationships she builds with her students is reflective in the many phone calls she receives from graduates that not only want to catch her up on what they have been doing but most importantly they want to check in to see how she is doing.

John Backstrom- for providing students, prospective students and the office with true commitment and dedication to the advising role. He takes advising one step further then most, by challenging, questioning, and probing so that students leave his office empowered to think, research and impact their own future.

Dave Zobeck- takes so much time to put his lessons in his own humorous way, which allows his students to connect to their learning. When he leaves us in May we will truly be at a loss, as we are not only losing a great faculty member but also the person whose humor, as strange and odd as it may be, makes us find a time in our day to laugh and enjoy life.

Paula Koning- for all the follow up she does for her students and prospective students; making sure they are not lost in the system. She too will be a loss to our office. We wish her the best as she heads south.

Ward Makielski- for his endless passion in building such an amazing program as Digital Animation and Game Design. His work to develop, promote and retain students within your program is admirable.

Also, please nominate all other advisors, Joe Wist, Rich Goosen, David Baker, Marty Lier, Andy Purvis, Ed Brayton, Clyde Hardman, Bill Smith, Mark Rusco, Cheri Durst and Amy Kavanaugh for their hard work.

I would like to nominate Al Tetsworth for doing such a great job in painting the lockers at the Ice Arena. We just wanted you to know that we appreciated it. It makes the locker room look so much better. Great job AL!

Carla Erlewine has taken an extremely difficult summer awarding project and put together a process to get students awarded summer financial aid in the new Banner system. Unless you work in financial aid, you can not imagine what an undertaking summer awarding has been. Carla has managed to get a process in place and train an entire staff. She has done all of this with an amazing attitude and a team spirit, not to mention she is just a great co-worker and all around good person.

I would like to nominate Shirryl Sanger and Robert Kleeves for all of their efforts in finding a student's final exam. The exam was accidentally thrown away. These two dedicated individuals were helpful beyond what can be imagined. They had to look in the dumpster to find it, but find it they did. One student had a happy ending to the semester! Thank you both for your tenacity and hard work in looking for this important exam. Great job Shirryl and Rob.

I would like to nominate Charlie Carpenter for being a team player and helping out in Business Services. Any time there is a demonstrated need, he is always willing to go the extra mile. He has been very flexible throughout the years and has often been the University's emergency back up plan. Thanks Charlie for once again being there to ensure success!!!!!

Thank you to Jason DaDay, Senior Recruiting Officer. The quality of the programming that he coordinated and facilitated for our 50 high school juniors was done with expertise and care. Many positive comments were received from our enthusiastic group as they visited various academic and activity areas. Thank you, also, to Dave Eisler who mingled with our students during the lunch hour and gave a little "pep talk" on the steps of the Rankin Center afterward. Our students visit many university campuses and they were very impressed that our President would take so much of his personal time to introduce himself to them and encourage them to further their education. It was a great day for our students thanks to these two gentlemen!

I would like to nominate Terry Dawson for a pat on the back award for the great job he does in his area. When I ask him to do something out of the ordinary he is always willing to help in any way he can. Thanks Terry for keeping our building looking so good. Great job!

I would like to nominate Darla Szpiech for a pat on the back award. For all she does in ASC, Starr and Science. We appreciated all your hard work. You have a great attitude and a great pride about your work. We enjoy having you working in our buildings. Keep up the great work!