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Pat on the Back Awards August 2007

Congratulations to —

The orientation Leaders, Orientation Coordinators, Rankin Center Staff, William's Auditorium Staff, Educational Counselors, and the Timme Orientation Team all deserve a Pat on the Back Award for being filled with school spirit and knowledge about Ferris and the community, as well as being service oriented to new students, their families, and friends. Our Orientation Program would not be successful without their leadership, charismatic attitudes, and their interest in sharing the Ferris experience with everyone they encounter. The University appreciates all that they do!:-) Debi Whitman, Sherry Hayes, Ashley Atteberry, Nancy Mettlach, Courtney Brock, Stevie DeLaney, Ebony Franklin, Andy Gallavan, Andrew Hall, Nakira Howard, Danielle Jackson, Beth Mason, Ryan Masters, Sara McPherson, Koren Moore, Sam Solinski, Stephanie Techlin, Kale Tissue, Joe Vance, Demetrius Wallace, Kevin Walsh, Nicole Wheelock, Jasmin Williams, Nancy Potter, Mark Schuelke, Mike Cairns, Shari Chamberlain, Tyrone Collins, Troy Tissue, Elise Blacklaw, Sarah Jennings, Rebecca Kowalkowski, Rick Kowalkowski, Mary Cline, Mary Steeno, Shelly VandePanne, Vordyn Nelson.

I would like to nominate Steven Jewett for a Pat on the back. He spent an entire day helping inventory prepare their disposal equipment. Steven often goes the extra mile to help people.

Nancy Sage at the Birkam Health Center goes over-and-above to assist the Counseling Center. Without being asked, she will offer to help out. She always displays a caring and pleasant attitude to students and staff. Any contact with her is a delight.

We would like to nominate: September Howat, who works at Ferris Grand Rapids. She works at the front desk and is our "Girl Friday". There isn't anything that September can't do. She is always warm, attentive, and has a smile for everyone who enters the office. If she doesn't know an answer, which is rare, she will find out. She is never impatient and always kind. She makes the person on the other side of the desk feel she has time just for them and that they are the most important person in the world. While we have always appreciated September and the work she does, it came to our attention, today especially, when a student brought the whole office donuts to thank September for all of the times she has been treated well and had her questions answered. September is not even here today...she is at a conference and so missed out hearing all of the good things she has done for this student. The young lady expounded on customer service and how it seems to be lacking everywhere but here, due to September. Please give September a special pat on the back. Thank you!

Terri Aldrich of I.S.and T. deserves a Pat on the Back for pulling together all the resources on short notice and programming a Tuition Calculator for the Ferris Web site.

I would like to nominate Bruce Gilchrist for a Pat on the Back Award. He automated the orientation check in process (the famous blue sheet for those of you who are familiar with Orientation). This change helped to improve the check in process for all of our Orientation attendees and their families--and made their impression of Ferris just that much better. He worked a lot of extra time to make this process SO much faster--we all love it!

I would like to nominate Leroy Wright, Ashley Atteberry, Sherry Hayes, and Debi Whitman for a Pat-On-The-Back Award. Each of these dedicated Student Affairs employees work tirelessly to ensure that our new students (and their parents) have a positive and productive Summer Orientation experience. They have done an outstanding job of planning and implementing our highly successful Summer Orientation program. Nancy Mettlach also deserves a Pat-On-The-Back award for all of her valuable help as well.

Jo Gerst, Charlotte Tetsworth, Julie Cole, Judy Becker, Joan Williams, Linda Hayes, Leigh Ann Theunick and Donna Myers also deserve a Pat-On-The-Back Award for the fantastic job they do at Summer Orientation Check-In. Every morning they cheerfully greet students/parents and patiently answer a myriad of questions. Admissions Officers Troy Tissue, Elise Blacklaw, Luzia Tartari, Nancy Potter, Tyrone Collins, Sarah Jennings, Angie Mishler and Maria Knirk also do a great job of helping Orientation students and their families. Craig Westman and Dave Engels and the entire Enrollment Services and Business Office teams do a tremendous job of assisting new students and their families in countless ways during Summer Orientation. All of these loyal employees are a credit to Ferris State University.