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Hallmarks of a Bulldog

 Collaboration: Ferris graduates skillfully and productively work with others. 

Communication: Ferris graduates communicate effectively with others in a variety of different settings.

Culture: Ferris graduates interpret and explain cultural works in the context of experiences and histories of their own culture or that of others.

Diversity: Ferris graduates apply an understanding of the consequences of the growing global interdependence of diverse societies in their personal and professional lives.

Natural Sciences: Ferris graduates use empirical evidence to make informed decisions about scientific issues.

Problem Solving: Ferris graduates integrate knowledge from a variety of sources to find creative explanations or solutions to practical issues.

Quantitative Literacy: Ferris graduates interpret and use quantitative data to understand and effectively solve real-life problems.

Self and Society: Ferris graduates actively engage in their society and recognize how they are shaped by the society and place in which they live.