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CTMG Facilities

Granger Center for Construction and HVACR

The Construction Technology & Management (CTM) Department officially moved into our new building with the start of the Winter semester in January 2004.

We are very proud of this state-of-the-industry teaching facility. We share the building with Ferris State's nationally acclaimed Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVACR) program.

Constructed in the location of the older Construction Technology Center (CTC), the Granger Center has doubled that building in size--expanding northward into a portion of the previous parking lot.

The building is a working lab in itself. Plumbing, mechanical, electrical, structural--indeed, all building systems are exposed to some extent for students and faculty to use in their learning and teaching exercises.

The old HVACR labs have been replaced with new and larger labs in the expanded end of the building. As for the Construction programs, the former two-story high-bay construction lab was enhanced. In the past, it was shared by all of the hands-on lab courses--practices, framing, materials, and soils. Today, the lab has been cleared of many obstructions and is dedicated to the practices and framing courses. New labs have been constructed--one dedicated materials lab, Sponsored by the James Klett Family, and one for soils. New materials delivery, storage, and curing rooms have been built.

Four new classrooms, sized for spreading out plans and specifications, have been constructed. At present, all department courses are taught within the building. Separate storage areas between the classrooms provide the faculty with the ability to use many materials and equipment during class time that was simply impossible to lug around campus previously. Each classroom is outfitted with state-of-the-art teaching aids such as an instructional computer, visualizer, DVD, VCR, and projection system.

Four new computer labs, two for HVACR and two for CTM, are housed in the second story of the expanded end of the building. Compared to the older computer lab in Swan Hall with 16 workstations, these labs have 18 workstations each. The dual labs allow the teaching of courses in one with simultaneous student access in the other. The labs are equipped with similar teaching tools as provided in the classrooms and the latest software for construction management. Applications are added as they become available.

The Whiting-Turner auditorium has also been added to the south end of the building. Containing similar instruction tools, this room also provides distance learning capabilities.

Prior to the move, faculty offices were housed in Johnson and Swan Hall. The department office was in Swan Hall. Department courses were taught in Swan Hall and the CTC, with as many as six other on-campus and off-campus buildings providing space.

The department offices for both HVACR and CTM are now located on a newly-constructed second floor of the new Granger Center. In addition, all faculty offices for both departments are located just down the hall. At last, all courses, classrooms, labs, and faculty are housed in one place.

Finally, the impressive, glass-enclosed Student Commons rises two and half stories in the center of the building. Here, students can meet, study, and relax while waiting for classes or a professor. Additional computers throughout the building provide ready access for all. Visiting companies can use this area for displays and presentations.

What a great place to learn!