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An exciting part of the AMGT program and one of the requirements for graduation is the internship which applies the student's management training. This component of the program integrates "real world" application of the concepts taught in the classroom.

Generally speaking, an internship position is a entry-level management position where the student learns the culture of an organization and gains experience dealing with supervisors, customers, and co-workers. The many different internship positions often complement the intern's long-term career goals. Many of the interns in years past have gone on to become full-time employees of the companies that provided them with a chance to prove themselves as an intern.

Many students choose to complete their internship experience between the Junior and Senior year, while others complete this requirement after they have finished their on-campus coursework. All internship jobs are paid positions, ranging between $10 and $25 per hour based on location and cost-of-living. Each intern receives a site visit from an internship coordinator to discuss the intern's progress and evaluation process.

All interns register for four (4) semester hours of college credit, and receive a grade for the experience based in part on the employer's evaluation of their performance. A project completed during the internship allows for a practical, real world problem solving experience.

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