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Wireless Access for University Guests

To access the secure wireless network on the main campus, FerrisWiFi, guests must now contact the IT Solution Center to set up a network account. The IT Solution Center should be contacted well before the time when wireless access will be necessary, to prevent delays. The IT Solution Center is available for these services from Monday through Friday.

Groups can set up a single account for all group members to share. With the username and password assigned them, guests will be able to register their device to use FerrisWiFi.

For step-by-step directions on how to register a device once username and password are created, scroll further down this article. Devices must have the requisite Windows and antivirus updates to register. These updates were made for preventative security purposes, to protect the university, the users, and the information that can be accessed via these wireless networks.

If a password is requested when connecting to the FerrisWiFi, is the name of the network: FerrisWiFi.

If a guest is having difficulties with installing the updates, they may take their devices to the IT Solution Center in David L. Eisler Center 108. 

Note that there is another wireless network as well: FSU_Public. This network is in select locations.  A guest won't have to register to use this network; however, it is not secure, and is only available in a limited number of areas.

To register a device for FerrisWiFi

  1. Open a browser and go to

  2. Select "Register a device" under the "I want to..." tab.

  3. Read and accept the "Proper Use Policy" agreement. Without agreeing to the "Proper Use Policy," you will not be able access the Ferris Network.
    Wireless Access for University Guests

  4. The "Welcome to the Ferris State University Network" screen will come up. Click Start>> located across from the Guests option.
    Wireless Access for University Guests

  5. Type in username and password you've been given into the boxes of the "User Registration" section and click Login.
    Wireless Access for University Guests

  6. You will be taken to a success page with a progress bar. Please wait for the bar to finish before continuing.

  7. Once the progress bar has completed, you should be successfully registered and able to browse the Internet using FerrisWiFi.