IT Purchase Request Process for University Employees

  1. Go to and click the link in the upper right corner to login to the portal using the following login method:
    a.       Username = ferris_ad\<username>
    b.       Password = <Ferris passphrase>

  2. Once signed into the Self-Service Portal, click on the Purchase Requisitions dropdown from the toolbar and then click on New Purchase Request.

  3. After clicking on the New Purchase Request, the Product Catalog will appear. The product catalog is broken out into categories to choose what items you are looking to purchase. You can also search the product catalog using the search box above the category boxes. The categories are for Standard Items that have selected by IT Services as standard purchase items that meet the necessary requirements for the University.

    At this time, the AV Packages and Mobile Devices category do not have any items added to them for purchase. We are working to add items to these in the future.

  4. Simply click on a category to see the standard items for that particular category to see what items are included. They will appear in a listing.

    You can click on an item to bring up the details of that item, including Name, Model, Price, and Product Overview. Clicking the back button on your browser will bring you back to the listing. Clicking the back button on your browser will bring you back to the Product Catalog.

  5. Once you have found a standard item you would like to purchase, simply click on the Add Item button from the Product Catalog Item window. This will prompt you for the Quantity, FOAP (if you already have one), and if the item is for you or someone/somewhere else. After you answer all the prompts you will be brought to the Purchase Request window showing you the item you just added and some additional information. 

  6. You can now click the Continue Shopping button to add more items to your Purchase Request or you can click the Submit Purchase button to submit the Purchase Request to ITS for review. If you click Continue Shopping, you will be brought back to the Product Catalog window with the category boxes.

  7. If you wish to purchase a Non-Standard item, simply click the Non-Standard Purchase box on the Product Catalog window.

    You will now be prompted for the following information:
    a.       name of the item you wish to purchase (be as descriptive as possible)
    b.       URL of the web site on which you found the item (just copy and paste from the web page)
    c.       quantity of the item
    d.       cost of item (this is the list cost not including shipping or tax)
    e.       FOAP (if you already have one)
    f.        If the item is for you or someone/somewhere else

    After answering these prompts, you will be brought to the Purchase Request window showing the item(s) you added to the Purchase Request.

  8. In this new system, you can include both Standard and Non-Standard items in the same Purchase Request. Once you have submitted your Purchase Request, the primary technician for your location will review the Purchase Request details and work with you on any additional information they may need. If a quote is needed, the primary technician will attempt to quote the item from a preferred vendor is possible, otherwise the provided vendor will be used.

  9. Once all items have been quoted, if necessary, an approval email will be sent to the approving person(s) in your department to review the Purchase Request and make a determination on approving or denying the request. Once they approve the Purchase Request, your items will be ordered. You can check the status of your Purchase Requests from the Self-Service portal that you used to create the Purchase Request.