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Submitting a PCR Purchase Request

  1. Go to the IT Service Portal and click the Login button in the upper right corner. Once signed in, click "I Want to Buy an Item". This will take you to the Product Catalog page.

  2. Click on the PCR box.


  3. Select the standard Dell laptop or desktop model. If you want to order an Apple device, Microsoft Surface, or a Dell with different technical specifications, please select the Custom Configuration option.


  4. Once you select an option from the list, more details will be shown in the Product Overview box. A 24” monitor and speaker bar will be included with the desktop selection and a laptop docking station will be included with the laptop selection. 


  5. Click the Add Item button and follow the prompts to submit your PCR Purchase Request.

  6. Click the Submit Purchase button to fully submit the purchase.


  7. The PCR Purchase Request will be routed to a Desktop Support Technician to review the request and collaborate with you and your department on the approvals needed to order the equipment. The technician will schedule time with you to perform the replacement once the new device arrives.