Network: Frequently Asked Questions

  • You need an Ethernet cable or simply a wireless connection. You may purchase an Ethernet cable or wireless adapter from the IT Solution Center in the University Center or at one of the local computer stores.

  • Ferris’s network supports 802.11 b/g/a/n wireless. For more information, go to the Information Technology Standards page.

  • Each student who resides in University Housing is assessed a per semester connectivity fee which is incorporated into the cost of room and board. This allows for all residents to use the network through a connection in their room, computer labs in the halls, and the West Campus Community Center. Students wishing to connect their personal computers to the network are required to have an Ethernet port/jack or a wireless connection on their computers.
  • You need either an Ethernet Connection or wireless connection on your Mac and the ability to connect via TCP/IP.
  • Space is very limited in the residence halls for two separate computer systems, and outlets for plugging in equipment are also a consideration. However, two computers can connect to the network by use of a multi-port switch that is then plugged into the wall jack or by using a wireless access point. Then the two computers can be plugged into the switch or connected via Ethernet or wireless to the access point. The Ethernet cable, wireless adapters, multi-port switches, or wireless/wired access points can be purchased from the IT Solution Center or any local computer store.
  • Please login to change your passphrase: Passphrase Change
  • If the Internet is giving you problems, it may be a result of any one of the following factors:

    • Your computer may not be correctly configured. You can check to see if you have an IP address. To find out, click the Start Menu (or the search bar on your taskbar if running Windows 10) and find and open the "Run" program.
      • In the "Open" box, type "winipcfg" and then click OK. The "IP Configuration" box will appear.
      • In the options window, make sure your Ethernet Card is displayed.
      • Then look for a number in the "IP Address Box." It should start with "161.57..."
    • Your connection port may be dead.
    • The switch your computer connects to may be experiencing problems.
    • Your link to the University backbone may be experiencing problems.
    • The University's link to the Grand Rapids link may be down.
    • The DNS could have failed.
    • It's Thursday evening between 10:00 PM and 6:00 PM and maintenance is taking place on the network.

If you have any further questions, please call the IT Solution Center at x4822 for assistance.