How to Access the External VPN


  • Go to and allow the applet to install. Use your AD credentials.

    Always run the latest version of Java (a Java prompt will appear). Use Internet Explorer. Chrome and Firefox do not support Java so only Internet Explorer will work.

    Add as a trusted site in the Java console and in Internet Explorer. If you don't know how to add a trusted site to Java, instructions are here.

    Always allow pop-ups from in Internet Explorer. If you don't know how to do this, instructions are here.

  • Download and install the Check Point Capsule VPN app in the Microsoft Store. You can log in with your Microsoft account to download if you so choose, but it is not required. You can also download it through this link.

    Once downloaded, click Launch. The following screen will pop up. Follow the instructions to connect to the VPN.

    Click on the Windows button in the lower left of the screen and select Settings. From the Settings window, click on the Network & Internet icon. Next click on the VPN button on the left side of the window.



    NOTE – If the VPN connection does not connect, you may need to clear the Sign-In info. To do this, click on the VPN connection you created above and click the Advanced options button. On the new window that opened, click the Clear sign-in info button to clear the username and password. Next time you connect to the VPN it will prompt for these again. 

    Windows and Android – use Capsule VPN not Capsule Connect. 


  • 1. Click here to access the required client files to install the CheckPoint VPN on your Mac. You will need to copy these files to your desktop.
    2. Open "Endpoint_Security_VPN_80.89.dmg" and launch "Endpoint_Security_VPN.pkg".
    3. Click Continue and follow the steps to install software.

    CheckPoint Install Window 

    CheckPoint Install Window Continue

    4. Once 80.89.dmg is installed, open "Endpoint_Security_VPN_80.89_HotFix.dmg" and launch "Endpoint_Security_VPN.pkg". It should detect that a version of CheckPoint is installed and upgrade it to the latest available build.
    Note: The hotfix fixes random disconnection issues with the base application.
    5. Click OK and Continue, and follow the steps to install software.

    CheckPoint Installer 

    CheckPoint Installer Window Ok

    6. Close the installers, open the Applications folder, and launch "Endpoint Security". A lock icon should appear in the top-right hand side of your screen.
    7. Click it and then click "Connect".

    CheckPoint App Folder 

    CheckPoint Connect

    8. Click "Yes" to configure a new site and click "Next" on the Site Wizard welcome screen.
    9. Enter "" in the Server address or name box. The display name is the same as the server address by default, but you may change it if you desire.

    CheckPoint Server Name 

    10. Keep "Username and Password" as the Authentication Method.

     CheckPoint Username and Password

    11. Click "Finish" to exit the wizard.
    12. When connecting to the VPN, verify that the site is "" (or whatever you chose to name it), and enter your Ferris credentials to connect.

    CheckPoint Login