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Financial Aid Award Information

You have now been offered financial aid. These are your next steps in making sure that you are financially prepared to begin the semester at Ferris State University. 

Financial Aid Checklist

  • Before you can take action on your award, you must obtain access to our Ferris communication portal Ferris360. Please click here for instructions if you have not yet accessed Ferris360.
  • Review and Accept your financial aid award offer online. Click here for instructions.
    • If you are unsure about whether to accept student loans that have been offered to you, we encourage you to determine if you have other financial sources available to cover the Cost of Attendance as outlined on your award. If you are a dependent student, you should speak to your parents to see if they have identified sources of funding to cover your college expenses. Keep in mind that if you accept loans now, you can always change your mind at a later date. We are happy to cancel loans with a simple email request. There are no obligations.
  • Be sure to check your Ferris email on  a regular basis. This is how we will communicate with you - even before you begin classes. You do not want to miss out on important notifications.
  • Check for Missing Requirements. Be sure to check for Missing Requirements on a regular basis to prevent financial aid processing delays. To do so, Log into Ferris360 and search for "Missing Financial Aid Requirements," then click on the search result of the same name. Keep in mind that some requirements may be added in the summer before you start school.

Additional Resources

  • Please click this link for an in-depth explanation about the various Types of Financial Aid you may see on your award. 
  • If the financial aid that you have been awarded is not sufficient to cover all of your estimated Cost of Attendance and you do not have other sources of funding to cover any gap, please visit our Need More Money webpage. 
  • If you have accepted a Direct subsidized and/or unsubsidized loan, you will need to complete two electronic processes to finalize your loan(s). Please visit our Loan Requirements webpage for more information. 
  • Please click this link if you would like to Schedule a Virtual Appointment with a financial aid advisor.  
  • Select this link to use our Net Price Calculator.
  • Select this link for Cost Saving Tips