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Consortium Refunds and Disbursements

Student Refunds

Consortium students will only receive refunds when the following requirements are met:

  1. Financial aid has been awarded and accepted and all requirements are completed. For example, if the student has accepted a student loan, the requirements associated with the loan must be completed.
  2. The consortium form has been received and approved.
  3. The necessary adjustments have been made to your enrollment based on the approved community college classes.

No refunds will be sent to students until their approved community college site's 100% refund date is over and we have verified enrollment.

Refund Dates

NOTE: If you have community college classes that have a late starting date, some or all of your financial aid may not disburse to your account until after the late session class has started and verification of enrollment has been completed.

For Consortium students that have completed all requirements, have excess financial aid and have active Direct-deposit; the published refund date is September 30, 2022 for all sites.

If there is no active Direct Deposit account set up, refund checks will be mailed to the permanent address.

DISCLOSURE: Because the community college sites have different 100% refund dates, some consortium students may receive their refund earlier than the posted date. We work very diligently to request and review the schedules from the community colleges as soon as the 100% date has passed.