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Consortium Transfer Policy

Once a student is admitted into a statewide or online aid-eligible off-campus/consortium program and each semester an approved consortium form is on file, transfer credits will be processed under the  Consortium Transfer Policy if 1) Ferris State University is the financial aid provider; or 2)  the student is not receiving any financial aid.

The Consortium Transfer Policy states that FSU-approved, articulated courses at a community college be subject to the same set of academic and reporting standards as on-campus courses.

All FSU-approved courses taken by consortium students will be accepted by the University, regardless of grade, and will be used for federal financial aid reporting and potential fulfillment of academic degree requirements. Whether or not the approved courses fulfill academic program requirements is dependent on University and academic program standards.

At the point of admission to Ferris or for current students when transferring classes that were not approved consortium classes, the Ferris Transfer Policy applies.

Consortium Transfer Policy Frequently Asked Questions