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Consortium Transfer Policy Frequently Asked Questions

  •  As a consortium student, will my CC grades be counted toward my Ferris GPA?
    No, only Ferris classes will be factored into your GPA. For financial aid purposes, your credits taken at the CC will be used for federal financial aid reporting and potential fulfillment of academic degree requirements. 
  •  Who should fill out a consortium form?

    Any students in a statewide or online aid-eligible off-campus/consortium program should submit a consortium form for every semester registered at the CC. Only approved CC credits will be processed under the consortium transfer policy.

  •  Can past credit be processed under the Consortium Transfer Policy?
    No, past coursework will not be processed under this policy.
  •  Do I need to be receiving Financial Aid to submit a consortium form?
    No, you can be a consortium student and not be receiving financial aid. Ferris is stating that if you are in a consortium program and the ability to get aid for consortium classes exists, that with an approved consortium form those classes fall under the consortium transfer policy.
  •  If I get a D in a CC course and it transfers in under the Consortium Transfer Policy, will I have satisfied that course requirement?
    Not necessarily; whether or not the approved courses fulfill academic program requirements is dependent on University and academic program standards. (i.e.: most programs require a 300 level English course, so the ENGL 200 equivalent course must transfer in as a C to meet the pre-req for the 300 level course). 
  •  Will a CC course that was not approved on my consortium form, fall under the consortium transfer policy?
    No, when transferring classes that were not approved, the Ferris Transfer Policy applies.