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Pat on the Back Awardees December 2008

Congratulations to —

I would like to nominate Pepper Bonnett for a pat-on-the-back award. She handled a situation with a student on the phone extremely well and deserves recognition for it. Her professional manner was noticed by her co-workers at the Timme front counter. Thanks!

Al Eastlund deserves a Pat-on-the-Back award! We have asked him to do several projects for the First Lady's Attic and it seems as soon as we ask the projects are completed. When the Attic needed more clothes racks we met with Al on a Monday afternoon and showed him what we wanted by Thursday morning the racks were built and in place. We would also like to thank Dave Murray and the Ferris welding students who actually built the racks, with Al's guidance. Thanks for going above and beyond.

I would like to nominate Elizabeth Haneline - SCI-147, Curtis Earl - SCI-147 and Stacey Weaver - ALU-114 for a Pat on the back. Beth and Curtis helped out team Sigma with emergency work orders as well as performing their regular team Beta work. Stacey Weaver and her Inventory students helped provide coverage for unfilled shifts in Sigma ensuring that we would have someone here to address all customer requests. The teamwork Beth, Curtis and Stacey displayed is the reason we have such great customer satisfaction.

I would like to nominate Tom Worth (FSU Motor Pool Garage) for a Pat-On-The-Back Award. He went above and beyond and diagnosed a leak on one of the big coach buses. Saved the University money and got the bus back on the road in a hurry! Thanks, Tom!

I would like to make sure that Bill Bitzinger receives a pat on the back for his helping one of our International Students. She was having a problem sizing an immigration photo and Bill was very kind when we contact him. Not only did he provide answers and then offer his services, he also made sure the picture met the government regulations. Thank you, Bill. You are a credit to Ferris State University.

I would like to nominate Betty Nelson, for a pat on the back award. She is always willing to answer questions and if she doesn't have the answer she knows who to get the answer from. She has helped us with making sure that student information is accurate. She goes above and beyond the call of duties. Thank you for all of your knowledge and expertise. Betty, you Rock.