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Pat on the Back Awards May 2008

Congratulations to —

Pat on the Back to student Charles Peirce from the Associated Student Government who helped set up the electronic voting procedures for the Academic Senate elections last week. And to Ted Halm who made the link easy to use on the homepage. Moving faculty into the electronic age requires careful handling - but these fellows were there to answer every question from Academic Senate Secretary Paula Hadley-Kennedy. Also, Pat on the Back to Paula for making our committee look like we knew what we were doing!

During the process of our unit restructuring, and being separated between two Colleges, we ran into some payroll issues between PAFs and Kronos. I would like to commend Linda Henderson and Bonnie Depew for going outside of their realm of responsibility to see these issues were taken care of.

I would like to give Jack Enos, Physical Plant Plumber, a pat-on-the-back. MASCAR GRILLE ran into a serious problem with our dish machine. To replace this machine would cost approximately $50,000.00 - $60,000.00. Jack came up with a creative, yet practical solution that enabled us to bring our current machine back on line. Jack's idea saved the University a great deal of time, effort, and money. Great job Jack! (Rick Marek, thank you for your assistance.)

Hats off to Tina Jensen, David Bowers, and the Account Management crew in ITS. Tina and Dave spent hours mapping out all the ID workflow for over 21 systems we have on campus. Needless to say, it was tedious work to find all the answers. Their work will help us streamline our processes in the near future.

I wish to give a Pat on the Back Award to Matt Dixon, Automotive Department, for his work in getting several of the automotive lab areas set up for classes. He worked on making sure that the equipment, tools and lab vehicles were kept in the lab, and in keeping an eye on the rest of us to keep the lab area clean and maintained. He was helped by others and in particular Walter 'Mike' Kelly, Automotive Department Maintenance Technician, who also was a big factor in keeping the cars in working order and in cleaning up the lab. He also deserves a Pat on the Back for his work within the department.

I would like to award a "Pat on the Back" award to Beth (Elizabeth) Haneline. She works in Computer Technology Services. She has always been accessible for our needs on almost an immediate basis. In addition to her timely response she is proactive in communicating with our department to make sure we have access to the all needed technology resources. She always follows up to a work order and does everything with a positive attitude. Our department is very happy to have her serving our area.

I would like to nominate Tirzah Yoder for a "Pat on the Back" for coming to work with a positive attitude and ready to get the program changes done and recorded. She always goes the extra mile whether it be with a student or staff. Tirzah is very detailed, always polite and cheerful, and works well under pressure. She takes her duties seriously and always does a top-notch job. We will definitely miss her!