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Pat on the Back Awards January 2008

Congratulations to —

I want to nominate Keri Becker for a pat on the back award. Keri has gone above and beyond the call of her duties on a daily basis. Not only does she care deeply about her own players, but she genuinely cares about the coaches at Ferris and their players. She will do anything she can to help her peers excel and often works odd hours just to make things more convenient for others. She takes pride in helping all the teams be NCAA compliant, she coaches, she mentors, she volunteers (Army reserve and Girl Scout Day, among other things), and she's a true friend. Keri deserves a pat on the back!

Climate control in FLITE is a big challenge! Mike Toles has worked diligently to maintain proper temperature and airflow in the building. We appreciate his expertise and thank him for his efforts.

Kathy Lake deserves a Pat-On-The-Back for all the hard work she put into making the Student Affairs Retreat a success. As chair of the Planning Committee, she organized and ran an effective day of information gathering and team-building for all employees in the Division of Student Affairs. Her easy-going personality and strong leadership skills made working with her an absolute pleasure.

I would like to recommend Annette Erler, Glenn Zobel and the entire Physical Plant moving crew for much-deserved recognition. For the second year in a row I forgot to put in a work order for tables to be delivered for a special departmental holiday event. At my extremely last-minute request, Annette contacted the moving crew and they dropped what they were doing (preparing for commencement!!) to deliver the tables. It's a pleasure to work with an area that always goes above and beyond to accommodate.

I would like to nominate Mandi Oglesby one of our student workers here at the HVACR Institute for a pat on the back award. Last Tuesday December 11th, 2007 as Mandi was returning from lunch there was an accident in front of the CPD Building in which a minivan slid through the intersection and collided with a semi tractor. Mandi is a trained firefighter in her hometown of Sault St. Marie MI. She immediately responded to the accident scene called 911, and remained with the lady in the minivan until help arrived continuing to reassure the woman that everything would be okay. In today's world, where so many times people prefer not to get involved, Mandi's actions certainly attest to her exceptional character and willingness to put others needs ahead of her own. Keep up the good work Mandi.

I would like to nominate Steve Huss, Grounds Worker Operator at the Physical Plant, for a "Pat on the Back" award. I appreciate his honesty in returning an uncashed check I was to use to purchase Christmas presents with!

I would like to nominate Rick Marek, Phil Balliet and Jack Enos for the outstanding job they do in our building and they always keep us informed as to when things are being shut off and why and this is very nice for us. And it makes it easier to plan for the day when they give us the heads up. Great JOB!!!!!!!!!