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Pat on the Back Awards February 2008

Congratulations to —

Way to go Physical Plant (Annette Erler and Glenn Zobel)! You came through for Computer Support Technology again. On the afternoon of December 5, I called the Physical Plant and requested (at the last minute) chairs to be delivered on December 6th for our student Christmas party AND sure enough your van pulls up on December 6 at about 9:00am and in come the chairs. Thank you so much! We had a full house and without your assistance, we would have had about 30 or more students without a place to sit and enjoy lunch. FURTHERM0RE… without requesting a pickup, you came back on December 7 and loaded the chairs up and drove away.

I would like to Nominate Melanie Morris for a Pat on the Back award. She has made the student service office the best place in the world to work and to be. She is a calm and steady worker who always gives 110% percent. She cares about our students and her co-workers and is always bringing in candy and little gifts for all of us to enjoy. She has a great memory that give everything she does a personal touch! This always makes our students feel special. We could not give the efficient and warm service we have come to give with out her! Thanks for all your hard work Melanie!

I nominate Leigh Ann Theunick for a Pat on the Back. Anytime we need help with Banner or to have something done on an application, Leigh Ann responds quickly and consistently with a sweet spirit. We love her and couldn't do our jobs without her.

I would like to nominate Shana Beisiegel for a Pat-On-The-Back Award. Shana worked very diligently with the organization of International Student Orientation in January. As a part-time employee Shana goes beyond her duties and brings creativity to our office. She is a tremendous asset to the International Student Advisor's Office because of her care and concern with every international student. Ferris is lucky to have such a great employee.

My hat is off to Linda Telfer and Judy Becker for fearlessly wading in and keeping the Communications Center afloat during this minor crisis today. After the regular agents left mid-morning, Linda and Judy -- without training -- logged in and answered the phones. I spot-checked the call flow and noticed at times the pace was grueling with calls on line and several calls waiting. There were a few problems and some calls were abandoned, but there were roughly 500 calls answered by the Communications Center today!! Good job Linda and Judy.

I called Tina Jensen this morning around 6:00 and told her that Sherry in Payroll could not print last night and I couldn't print this morning, and we have close to 1400 student refund checks to print today! She called about 5 minutes ago and said Mike Miklusicak fixed the problem. They deserve a pat-on-the back : ) I am glad they come in early, so we can get these types of problems fixed before everyone else gets here.

I would like to thank Doug Ginnever and Rick Fountain who came to my rescue on Wednesday, just after the university had shut down. They happened to be over at the CSS building locking it up, when I asked them if they could assist me because I couldn't get the door on my truck to stay shut. They braved the cold, wind, and blowing snow trying to get the latch freed so that I could get on my way. After about 20 minutes working on it, the door latch proved it was not going to budge and I thanked them for their help. These gentlemen went above and beyond the call of duty that day, and I just wanted them to know that their service to the university is appreciated. Note: Truck had to be taken to Scott's Body Shop, a part broke, that caused the lock mechanism to remain in that position, causing parts to be replaced.

Ruth Simmon is doing a great job here in Johnson hall. She is an exemplary custodian. She is an asset to our staff. We enjoy having her on board. She is always willing to accommodate our needs in the building and she always has a great attitude.

I would like to thank Karen Youngs for all of her efforts at the Auto Center and being on call if anything is needed when others are not available. Karen always has a great work ethic and always has a positive outlook. Way to go Karen. She is a great asset to our staff!!!!!!!