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Pat on the Back Awards August 2008

Congratulations to —

I have worked at Ferris for more than 30 years and I think it is time to nominate the entire Birkam Health Center Staff: Joe Ward, Susan Davis, Keith Newell, Sharon Metcalf, Anglea McCain, Catherine Tassell, Cande Price, Melissa Sprague, Joan Kronlein, Julie Saum. All of these employees have been extremely dedicated to Ferris and to the care of the students that visit the Health Center. They have been there for the students through injuries and sickness. They are all great listeners and there for a shoulder to cry on when the students need someone to care for them. We watch them grow through their university years and always wish the best for all of them. These are a GREAT bunch of people you have working for Ferris.

I want to recognize Cindy Curran who was an adjunct for Grand Rapids campus. Her follow up on student matters and addressing concerns of students' class attendance shows how dedicated she is to our students. Thank you Cindy for all you do for Ferris Grand Rapids!

While working in the Pharmacy Building on Monday, July 14, 2008, around 10:45 A.M., Al Tetsworth exuded what it means to have Ferris Pride. Al watch in horror as Rick Fountain, Journeyman Electrician, almost fell to the ground when he stepped on a large puddle of freshly spilled coffee as he entered the first floor. The coffee was spilled by another person who had entered the building just ahead of Rick. Without further ado, Al garnered a mop, cleaning solution, a bucket, and spotlessly cleaned the entire area. Al could have followed standing protocol and called the Physical Plant. They would have dispatched a custodian as soon as possible. However, the dangerous spill could have caused several injuries by the time they mobilized and travel to the location. Addressing this dangerous situation in the manner that Al did was not remotely a part of his job description. Further, Al took care of a dangerous slip and fall situation that was caused by the person that initially spilled the coffee, all without recrimination.

Thank goodness for Teresa Havens in Motor Pool. After a mistake on my part and not picking up keys as I should have, I was called on Sunday by the faculty member as he was wondering why the keys were not where they were supposed to be. I was speechless . . . for a few minutes . . . then, not knowing what to do, I called Teresa Havens at her home on a SUNDAY and left a message. She returned my call promptly and was more than willing to drive out of her way on SUNDAY to meet the faculty member at the Motor Pool Office so that he was able to leave on time. Teresa . . . for you to go out of your way like that is totally commendable and you need to know that you are a tremendous asset to all the departments here on campus. Thank you.

I would like to nominate Laurie Noell from Human Resources for a Pat on the Back. I pestered her with repeated questions about a transition from one job to another at the university, and she answered them all quickly, and really helped me understand my benefits package. Keep up the great work Laurie - we appreciate it!