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Pat on the Back Awards June 2008

Congratulations to —

Chris Pommerenke has a zeal for customer service that goes above and beyond what is expected of any employee. His daily focus is to make sure that his customers in the College of Technology are taken care of and it shows. He is not afraid to stand up and fight for what is best for his customers even when it is contrary to popular opinion. It is tough to be in the minority of a conversation and still fight for what is right, especially when it is for other people. Keep up the good work Chris!

I would like to nominate both Vicki Deur and Terri Aldrich for their wonderful efforts during the implementation of the new MyFSU portal. They have worked very hard and fielded calls during implementation with calmness and a professional attitude. Kudos as well to the Portal Advisory committee, led by Jennifer Hegenauer, for all of the hard work in planning the changes for the new portal. It looks great! YOU ALL DESERVE A PAT ON THE BACK! Thank you.

I would like to nominate our TAC workers. They do a great job of keeping our computers working they way they should. They are always very helpful and courteous when we need a "quick fix." Allied Health is very Lucky to have such a great team. The TAC members are: Jesse Klocke, Shawn Lagasse, Sam James, Rob Freridge and Mike Johnson

I would like to nominate Ernie Hollenbeck for doing what was needed without being asked to do it and taking the initiative to make it happen.

I would like to nominate Scott Cass for taking time out of his duties to help out with Summer University.