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Pat on the Back Awards July 2008

Congratulations to —

I would like nominate Mary Kolenda for a Pat-on-the-Back award! She is so much fun to work with! Not only is she one of the most knowledgeable and hardworking people in the office (if not in Kendall!) she always finds a way to brighten our day. She is always friendly to the students and knows many of them by name. Whenever I have an obscure question, she is one of my first go to people for an answer. I know if I need something to get done, she will fulfill the task in record time. I can count on Mary to keep my spirits up and be a real team player. She is one of the most important players in our office and it wouldn't be the same without her!

The payroll office would like to see John Bishop and Charles Zimmerman receive a pat on the back for the rescue of a little kitty outside of the Prakken building. Even though they didn't believe that there was a kitten hiding in the bushes, they looked until they found it. A student came out of the building as they were looking and ended up taking the kitten home with her.

I am recommending Scott Claerhout, Leaann O'Neal, Brent Kundinger, James Swearingen (student), and Sean Waanders (student) for the Pat-on-the-Back award. Ferris recently hosted the Banner Users Group of Michigan Conference in the IRC. This conference consisted of about 115 people from various Michigan colleges and universities. The Team Delta members listed above worked with the program committee closely to make sure each presenter was able to get going on time without any problems. It was only with their proactive support that we were able to show other Michigan colleagues our nice facilities and our outstanding "team" work. Thank you!

I would like to nominate Kent Kachaterian from Media Productions. The custodial marketing team was in a crunch to get a banner done for orientation and Kent was able to help us out and make us an awesome looking banner for our table in a matter of a few hours. Our thanks again to Kent for helping us out in a bind. It looks wonderful!

I would like to submit Dave Steffens for a PAT ON THE BACK AWARD. Throughout the implementation of the Banner system and now, our office has submitted request to him for table access, database changes, data retrievals and other items to help correct problems occurring in the system or just errors resulting for our oversight or poor judgment. He has been very responsive to our request, time and time again. He is always patient and understanding no matter what his stress level that challenges he may be facing. I cannot say enough about his positive attitude and demeanor when we are requesting information under stressful situations. It is has been a pleasure to work with him on database issues or problems we encounter. I can count on him to give us positive feedback and suggestions to help us address database issues. I believe my staff would agree with me that this PAT ON THE BACK AWARD is LONG OVER DUE.

I would like to nominate Robert (Bob) Horner of the Technology Assistance Center for a Pat on the Back Award. Bob has been relentless in his efforts to assist the Applications department personnel with one of the problems with the new MyFSU portal. On several occasions he has devoted his personal time to troubleshoot connectivity or access problems from his home, in order provide valuable information to the application programmer. His dedication and commitment are exemplary and deserving recognition by the entire Ferris Community. Bob, thank you for your time, dedication, and desire to assist in the resolution of a problem affecting numerous MyFSU users.

On behalf of the employees of the Prakken building, I would like to nominate Karen Youngs(our custodian) for a pat on the back. Karen works extremely hard and takes great pride in keeping our building clean. The floors, windows, doors, railings, etc. have never been cleaner. We are very appreciative of the extra effort she puts fourth.