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Pat on the Back Awards March 2008

Congratulations to —

Please give a Pat-On-The-Back to Glenn Zobel and his moving crew, and to painters Allen Tetsworth and Richard Spedowske, for the care and TLC they provided to HR during our recent moves when our new carpet was installed! The move went VERY well and the wall painting (and the special color!) were all very much appreciated!

I would like to nominate the Business Office and Center for Student Services. They have worked very hard so far this year with Orientation, Refund Checks and Direct Deposits. Some things did not go as planned but they were able to keep the student happy and correct the situation. Good job and keep up the good work! Business Office: Kristy Heeter, Erin Adkins, Pepper Bonnett, Kim Graboskey, Deborah Griffith, Nicole Merritt, Paul Quick, Barbara Rice, Natasha Diegert, Bonnie Thebo. Center for Student Services: Kelly Boos, Maryanne Priemer, Jean Vallier, Syed Ali, Mike Cline, Melissa Dohnal, Sam Fattore, Jerome Forbes, Paul Peoples.

I'd like to nominate Brenna Kelley and Stan Vallier from Catering Services for the Pat on the Back Award. We recently had a candidate change interview dates. We neglected to change the catering order, but they were able to deliver lunch for 15 people in less than 30 minutes! They are always willing to help us out even when it's very short notice. We appreciate everything you (and all your employees) do for us! Thank you so much!

I would like to nominate Adam Fortman of the Technology Assistance Center, for a Pat-on-the-back award, for his willingness to step-up and assist faculty members with technology problems outside the scope of his duties, when technicians have gone home for the day. On at least two occasions Adam has been asked to endure the adverse climate this winter and walk to academic locations to assist classes in session with technical difficulties during the evening when the technicians are not available. He has done so with enthusiasm and the goal of customer support and satisfaction being his first priority, just as all the members of the Technology Assistance Center.

Teri Ouderkirk does an outstanding job covering the office, doing all of the little things that make it work and she always does it with a smile. Great job and thanks.

Sue Brown does an awesome job multitasking many duties everyday and is a joy to work with. Keep up the good work.

Craig Bowman has taken on many new challenges in his training job. Craig looks at issues with a bright outlook and common sense in dealing with a multitude of issues.

I called Tina Jensen this morning around 6:00 and told her that Sherry in Payroll could not print last night and I couldn't print this morning, and we have close to 1400 student refund checks to print today! She called about 5 minutes ago and said Mike Miklusicak fixed the problem. They deserve a pat-on-the back :) I am glad they come in early, so we can get these types of problems fixed before everyone else gets here.

I would like to nominate Tim Maguire, the Custodian at MASCAR GRILLE for a Pat-on-the-back award. Since Tim began working in our kitchen, he has done an excellent job keeping things looking nice and we want him to know that all of his hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Thanks for cleaning the place up Tim, we appreciate all that you do for us. :)

Al Tetsworth is a Ferris State University employee that deserves a Pat on the Back. Al is regularly employed as a painter for Ferris State Physical Plant. While recuperating from knee surgery during late fall and early winter, Al filled an important position in the work control center of the Physical Plant. Help was desperately needed in the Physical Plant office as one of their full-time employees transferred to another position on campus. Al answered our call for help. Al came to fill the vacant position of clerk typist with no complaints. It was a position that many other craftsmen would not willingly choose to take. But Al came in everyday with a smile. He quickly learned to make work orders, dispatch work orders, answer and transfer phone calls, and many of the other daily tasks that were immensely different from his daily tasks on the painting crew. Al regularly gave reassurance to people who were upset about problems and made every effort necessary to help them resolve their issue. He made the entire office atmosphere more enjoyable and workable, making even the most challenging days more tolerable. Al brought an entirely new perspective to the office. He refreshed the attitudes of the employees in the office. They looked forward to coming to work with Al. He helped things run smoothly when without him the office may have faltered. Al showed respect to all employees, faculty, and student workers alike. Student workers could come to Al with questions, and he would happily answer or help in any way possible. He did anything he was asked and more. Al was a great help, a great person to work with, and a very pleasant person for clients to deal with. Al had a very positive impact on the Physical Plant office while he was filling in. After healing, Al returned to painting. He was and still is greatly missed by those who worked with him. THANKS AL – YOUR EFFORTS WERE TRULY APPRECIATED!