Social Activities/Time Management

  • MCO and its registered student organizations sponsor social events such as The Eyeball, (a semi-formal social dance for MCO students and faculty), the Optic Cup (a golf tournament), a “get to know your new classmates” orientation and luncheon at the beginning of the year, and many other things throughout the year. More information will be provided at your orientation.

  • As an MCO student, your first obligation is to your academics. However, if a student can balance studies while maintaining part-time work, a student may want to work a few hours per week. During the week (Monday through Friday), a student's schedule is filled with lecture, lab and clinic assignments. In other words, it is somewhat difficult to maintain an off-campus job due to the academic course load. Most students who work part-time will utilize the Federal Work-Study Program, and MCO's campus employment program. This allows eligible students to be employed on campus (usually between 5 to 10 hours per week).

  • Enrollment in the optometry program is a commitment. Students are usually on campus early morning through middle afternoon. So, one can compare it to a full-time job. MCO students do find time to participate in a variety of activities, and be with their families. Our students have to budget time wisely, but are able to thrive academically while enjoying their family/personal life.
  • MCO students actively participate in the life of the College. Approximately 98% of the MCO students are active members in at least one student organization.

    The FSU Student Government takes a leading role at the university by recommending policies and coordinating many of the academic, service, and social events on campus. The student government oversees an extensive intramural program open to all students, spouses, faculty and staff. Intramural sports include basketball, softball, golf, flag football, racquetball, volleyball, etc.

    The following is a list of the registered student organizations at MCO:

    MCO students may also join any FSU organizations that are not listed here.