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Mission, Goals & Objectives

Statue of FerrisMission

The Michigan College of Optometry prepares doctoral and post-doctoral students for successful careers as optometric health care providers serving patients and society with integrity and professionalism. The program serves the health care needs of the public through its research, scholarly activity, evidence-based clinical education, and  patient-centered care.

Goals and Objectives

Goals Objectives

1. Preparing doctoral and post-doctoral students for successful careers as optometric health leaders.

1. Maintain and continually access a curriculum that assures graduate achievement of entry level attributes of the profession.

2. Create an active academic environment that produces engaged, self-motivated learners and promotes lifelong learning.

3. Recruit, develop, and retain the highest caliber faculty.

4. Recruit and retain the highest caliber students.

5. Develop and maintain activities that facilitate successful placement of graduates and encourage them to be leaders in professional organizations and the community.

2. Serving patients and society with integrity and professionalism.  

1. Develop and maintain opportunities for interprofessional learning and patient care.
2. Intentionally present and assess professionalism and ethics of students throughout the curriculum.
3. Expand opportunities for intraprofessional collaboration and referrals.
4. Heighten awareness among the entire MCO community to serve diverse and underserved populations in a culturally competent manner.

3. Serving the health care needs of the public through research and scholarly activity.

1. Establish a vision regarding the priority of research for the MCO program.

2. Develop programs and resources to promote research and scholarly activities at MCO.

3. Restructure the senior research project course as part of the curriculum review.

4. Develop academic relationships with the Vision Research Institute and other research entities.

4. Serving the health care needs of the public through evidence based clinical education and patient-centered care.  

1. Achieve the proper balance between clinical education and patient-centered care.
2. Emphasize the importance of entry level primary care in both patient care and student education. 
3. Enhance and develop collaborations with internal and external health care entities/organizations.
4. Continue care of the underserved while maintaining fiscal responsibility of the University Eye Center.

Goal 1 Objective & Initiative Details

Goal 2 Objective & Initiative Details

Goal 3 Objective & Initiative Details

Goal 4 Objective & Initiative Details