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Student Complaint Information

MCO Student Complaint Information

Outline of MCO Process

The Michigan College of Optometry (MCO) at Ferris State University is committed to fostering a positive environment for all students.  The college and university have established policies and procedures to promote this commitment.  As part of this commitment, MCO is providing students with an avenue to express concerns and work with college representatives for a resolution.  MCO believes in engaging in an fair and honest process which can also be a valuable educational experience for students to transfer as they address issues in their profession after college. 


This policy applies to all Michigan College of Optometry (MCO) students.

Read the MCO Complaint Policy

This policy does not apply to complaints that are covered by other college/university policies such as, Complaints about sex discrimination, harassment/ or retaliation which are handled under Title IX. 

Informal Complaint Process

Many times issues can be resolved with open and honest communication between the parties involved.  A student is encouraged to first attempt to resolve the issue informally.  This can be done by identifying a safe place and time to talk with the person(s). 

Formal Complaint Process

If a problem is not resolved through the Informal Complaint Process, student can refer to the MCO Student Complaints Policy to determine next steps in registering a complaint with the Associate Dean’s Office. 

To file a formal complaint, click on the Student Complaint Form Icon at the top of this page.  You will need to complete the form and all required fields.  Once submitted, the form will be reviewed by the Associate Dean’s office.  If necessary, a follow up meeting may be scheduled to discuss the matter further. 

Student Anonymity (Confidentiality)

A student can request that their identity remain confidential.  Every effort will be made to honor this request unless there is a justifiable reason to do otherwise.  If possible, the student will be notified beforehand. 

Student Complaint Form