Vision Research Institute

Vision Research Institute

What is the VRI?

Clinical research activities at Ferris State University's Michigan College of Optometry are conducted at the Vision Research Institute (VRI) which is dedicated to the creation, development and testing of products and procedures for vision correction.

The VRI is made up of full-time Researchers & Faculty, as well as Optometry & Pre-Optometry Students. In addition to the members listed below, we also work with experts from other professions to create and manage each project.

Faculty & Staff Team Members

 Rhonda Atteberry
Rhonda Atteberry, ABOC
 Jamie Brady
Jamie Brady, ABOC
 Amy Dinardo
Amy Dinardo, OD
 Josh Lotoczky
Josh Lotoczky, OD
  Joe Pole
Joe Pole, PhD
Avesh Raghunandan
Avesh Raghunandan, OD
Vandana Rajaram
Vandana Rajaram, OD
Chad Rosen
Chad Rosen, OD