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Class of 2021 Graduate Projects

As part of the required curriculum at MCO, each student must complete a research project prior to graduation. During this project, students choose an area or topic they would like to learn more about. Then they select an advisor (oftentimes a faculty member at MCO) to guide them through the lengthy process with many steps, including:

  1. Design a protocol for the research project
  2. Apply for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for any project involving gathering data from human subjects
  3. Data collection & analysis
  4. Writing a research paper of publishable quality
  5. Developing & presenting a scientific poster (much like what is done at professional meetings/conferences)

The class of 2021's hard work is proudly displayed on this page. Below, you will find the scientific poster from each project, along with a brief video presentation outlining the project design, findings, and conclusions.

Research Project Video Presentations & Poster PDFs