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Dispatch Center

The Department of Public Safety's Dispatch Center is open to the public 24/7/365.

Its purpose is to provide general assistance and information to the University community, help to create an environment where people feel completely safe, respond to and activate the emergency alert system for campus wide emergencies and timely warnings, and monitor the University's fire and intrusion alarm system.

Dispatch Center Staff

The Dispatch Center is comprised of one full-time staff member, the Dispatch Specialist, who oversees the daily supervision and operation, and 15-20 student dispatchers, who staff the dispatch center during non-business hours, academic breaks and holidays.

Dispatch Specialist - Full Time

The Dispatch Specialist is responsible for the daily supervision and operation of the Ferris State University Dispatch Center. The dispatch center previously functioned under the command of two night sergeants, who assigned a student coordinator to assist with duties.

The need for a designated full-time staff member who would supervise and facilitate emergency management/critical incident training to student staff became essential to fulfill our promise of safety and security to the University Community. This position was created in October 2016.

The Dispatch Specialist is knowledgeable in the basic functions of public safety dispatch operations, which include: answering incoming calls and directing communications to the proper destination and/or appropriate emergency services, responding/activating the emergency alert system, monitoring the fire and intrusion alarm network, and serves as an active member of the University’s Emergency Response Team.

Other duties include: record keeping, processing and validating police reports for Clery and MICR reporting, verifying University driving records, hiring and scheduling part-time student staff, serves as the department’s terminal agency coordinator and local area security officer, and serves as the communication liaison through the department’s webpage and social media platforms.

Ferris Alumnus Brittany Taylor serves as the current Dispatch Specialist.

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Student Dispatchers - Part-Time

Student dispatchers work during the evening and midnight hours, answering emergency and non-emergency calls. They are responsible for handling after-hours maintenance calls, monitoring the alarm systems, issuing guest permits, and ensuring student cadets and patrol officers are secure.

Student dispatchers must complete a minimum of 60 hours of hands-on training before working on their own. Additional training is done throughout the academic year, including monthly emergency testing, to ensure dispatchers are able to react and respond to active emergencies.

To learn more and/or apply to become a student dispatcher, visit our Student Employment webpage