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Student Loan Repayment

Student Loan Application Form Click here to visit

Caution to Current Alumni

Many Ferris alumni have received letters from companies offering "student loan debt relief" and "student loan consolidation services". Some are also advertising "New Student Loan Forgiveness Programs". Our research has found that these businesses are charging exorbitant fees for assisting former students in applying for free federal loan repayment options and forgiveness options. We recommend that students contact their federal or private loan servicers for loan repayment options and avoid any fee-based loan counseling options.**

Loan Repayment

Leaving FSU?

If you are graduating with a degree from Ferris, Congratulations! We are very proud of your success! If you are leaving the university for other reasons, this site still has important information for you if you have taken out loans while attending.

Federal loan Borrowers are Required to complete Exit Counseling. Log into, then select "Complete Exit Counseling" under "Manage Loans". 

Your Loan History

To locate information related to federal student loans that you have received, refer to the following sites:

For a complete listing of your Federal Direct (Subsidized Unsubsidized) Loans balances log into, select "Manage Loans", "Select Overview", then "Find Your Loan Servicer". Your Loan Servicer will  provide detailed information on all Direct federal loans received at Ferris as well as any other schools where you may have attended and received aid.

  • Perkins loan repayment and loan history is available through the University Accounting Service (UAS). After creating your online account you will have 24/7 access to your loan details and payment information.

Private alternative loan totals are NOT provided through these sites and their required monthly payments are not included in the calculation of your repayment. These loan totals should be researched separately if you have applied for and received a third party loan in the past. For current loan total and repayment requirements you should contact your alternative loan lender directly. If you do not know if you have borrowed from a private lender you should contact all schools that have previously attended in order to get information on your borrowing history at that school.

Loan Consolidation

If you have multiple student loan payments each month, high payments, or variable interest rates, it may benefit you to consolidate your student loans. Your new consolidation loan interest rate is taken from the weighted average of your existing loans which could reduce the amount of interest you pay. While consolidation can save you money on interest, it isn’t right for every borrower, as it could increase the length of time until you pay your loans off or temporarily lower your credit score by appearing as a new item on your credit report. You may also lose important benefits if you consolidate, such as interest rate discounts, cancellation eligibility, or loss of grace period.

For answers to whether or not consolidation may benefit you, which loans you can consolidate, and how to start the process click here.

To apply for loan consolidation, including selecting your new consolidation loan servicer and your repayment plan, sign in at studentaid.govselect "Manage Loans", "Select Overview", "I'm in Repayment", then select "Consolidate Your Loans."

Students that have taken out student loans are encouraged to make payments toward their loan debt while still in school. Payments you make now will help lower your loan totals upon graduation and reduce the amount of interest you will pay. There are no early repayment penalties on federal student loans. To make a payment toward loans that you have previously taken out contact your loan servicer.