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Pat on the Back Awards December 2006

Congratulations to —

I would like to nominate Deb Savides and Charlie Carpenter, please consider this a "Pat on the back" award event!! Just a quick note to you expressing my thanks for Deb Savides hastily agreeing to be a "Substitute" during our Career Center tour time. On short notice (thanks to Charlie for highly recommending her) she was able to put together documents and a verbal explanation of what goes on in Custodial Operations. I also received good comments from their instructor regarding her delivery of information. Seeing two people, Deb and Charlie sitting on the floor of Deb's office filling file folders with information was a very gratifying scene. Time was of essence and Deb came through!!

Craig Westman always answers e-mails and phone calls, is upbeat and positive in spite of amazing challenges with Banner, and models professionalism and fairness. His can-do attitude and willingness to serve is an inspiration.

I would like to thank Lori Henderson, Data Security Administrator, for all of her hard work in coordinating and maintaining our data security. With so many names, passwords and roles it's a feat to keep all of our persons straight. She maintains all of these security roles in many software programs and MULTIPLE Banner instances. When called upon for a question or a change she's right on it and we can continue our work as needed. Thanks Lori your hard work, organization and dedication is very much appreciated.

Students from Technology Assistance Center - Chad Ladensack, for months of hard work, innovation, willingness to work with others, and being an all around genius of web applications in the implementation of the new tech support web site. Steve Stellard for helping get content up and tweaking the design. Bianca Dannenberg and Katharine Webb, our interns from the winter, who put in long hours of research and design testing for the new site that gave us some great ideas for setting up the new web site, and other marketing ideas for computer support. Staff: Jim Cook, Kriss Rassmussen, Steve Miller, and Sidney Eaton, of IS and T Technical Services, and Ben Chambers, Joe Strohkirch, from IS and T Academic Technology Services, for helping us answer phones in the Technology Assistance Center at the start of school when the volume was - almost unbelievable -- 5000 calls from Aug 21 through August 31. They each jumped in and helped out the best they could, each offering their expertise in different systems.

I would like to nominate Annette Clarady and Jane Pedelty at the Copy Center for a Pat On The Back Award. Recently, I needed to update some pamphlets and a bookmark for the Counseling Center and couldn't find them anywhere on my computer. These two really came through for me. Since they kept the documents on their end, they simply emailed them to me so I could do the updates. That simple gesture saved me hours of work! Also, the entire Copy Center should be commended on their speedy turn around time on orders, even with their recent move.

I would like to nominate John Duman for a Pat-on-the back. I was hosting a conference at the West Campus Community Building on Monday. John had spent some time the week before getting my computer all set up. Then on Monday, John showed up to the community building to assist in the wireless set-up. While he was there my computer died. John generously gave me his laptop for the day and set it all up. The attendees were very appreciative to have wireless and I was so thankful to have the use of John's computer for the day so we could access Banner and do demos on all the different processes. He was great!

Recently we had problems with heating units at FLITE and Granger. To avoid serious operational problems, Tim Pullen and Eli Williams (at Granger) and Bill Conrad and Mark Rozier (at FLITE) made accurate assessments and quick decisions. The areas that these men had to work were cramped and the equipment they work with is heavy and awkward. In spite of the difficulties, all four men went above and beyond the scope of their normal daily work and saved the University time and money. Additional help was also received by Terry Pierson, the elevator mechanic, and Larrey Eberts and Glen Zobel who provided equipment, moving, and tools.