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Pat on the Back Awards July 2006

Congratulations to —

Kim Kleeves and Annette Erler deserve a Pat-on-the-back award for their support of the Janus Custodial Training Team. We can always count on these two beautiful ladies to help us out with things when we need it. Thank you. :-)

Deb Savides deserves a Pat-on-the-back award for all that she does for the Night Custodial Staff. We love you Deb!!

Doug Ginnever, Electrician for Granger Center, deserves a pat-on-the-back award because he took time out from a busy project to make the hallways at Granger safer by replacing some important lighting that happened to burned out. Thanks. We appreciate it a lot. You rock!!

I would like to nominate Dan "the man" Sims for a pat-on-the-back award because even when he isn't feeling the greatest, he always manages to give 110% to the people he is assisting. He even asks others if they need help without being directed to. Can we clone you Dan?? You are awesome!!

I would like to nominate Jeff Tellkamp aka Gopher, for a Pat-on-the-back award because every time our equipment fails, Jeff always shows up with another piece of equipment and he does it with a smile on his face. Way to go Jeff!! Sorry if the nickname sticks!! :)

I would like to nominate Betty L. Nelson for the Pat on the Back Award. Betty is a Student Service Rep 3 in the Admissions and Records Office. In all of my dealings with her, she in a word has been "wonderful". She is ALWAYS extremely pleasant, caring and most helpful in problem solving. She is a true professional who knows her job and is willing to take the time to work on student issues.

I would like to nominate Lisa Wilson and Jason Mason, part of the custodial crew, for their quick response to a toner mess during Orientation. They responded very quickly and did a thorough job cleaning up the mess and carpet! They took great pride in making sure everything was spotless and we just wanted to thank them for doing a great job!

Each year the School of Education offers courses through Title II grant programs. Trying to get graduate students registered properly for these courses is not any easy job. Judy Becker has been a huge help in this process and even gave up part of her lunch to make sure it was done as quickly as possible. Judy and all the ladies in CSS have been extremely helpful to me.

At a recent Janus Custodial Training, Linda Ferguson baked chocolate chip cookies to share with all of the individuals who were taking the program. Linda is awesome and she always goes above and beyond to help people all of the time. I think she deserves the pat-on-the-back award for the year!! Way to go Linda, You Rock!!