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Pat on the Back Awards June 2006

Congratulations to —

Cindy Horn, director, Student Leadership and Activities. Cindy is deserving of a huge Pat-on-the-back for all of the hard work she puts in with the Office of Student Leadership & Activities. She works hard to support the 200+ student organizations on campus, plan and execute large campus-wide events, and develop leadership programs for our young leaders. She has to handle situations both good and bad, and does both with passion and integrity. Her influence on our students was made very apparent at this year's Torchbearer Leadership Awards. It was a great event, and allowed many people to see the influence that out-of-the-classroom experiences have on developing FSU students into the best and brightest leaders that our campus can offer. She is a great mentor and leader, and she manages to do everything she does with a great sense of "Bulldog Pride."

Jean Vallier, student service representative, Business Operations. Jean contributes so much to the first floor and the entire Timme Center Building for that matter. Rarely does she receive credit for it. She volunteers so much of her personal time, money and talents to make our work environment a warm and happy place. Whenever there is a holiday, or a changing of the seasons, Jean is right there with decorations and ideas to make it a more festive building. She is a generous person always thinking of others. If there is someone out with an illness, or someone in the hospital, Jean is always the person that organizes gifts and cards. She does all of this on her personal time. She also takes care of our break room and makes sure that it is clean and has plenty of supplies. She does much of this too on her own time. I think it is important to have a good work environment, and I think Jean goes out of her way to try and create that for the first floor to the Timme Center. We don't realize all she does, and we sometimes forget to show her how much we really appreciate it. I think receiving a Pat on the Back award may be a small way to show her we do.

Officer Aaron Humphreys, Public Safety, deserves a pat-on-the-back award for enduring the rain falling down while helping my dad retrieve something he misplaced.

Technical Services team for coming in on the weekend of May 7th to monitor systems during the campus-wide planned power outage. The staff spent many hours planning and preparing for the outage and it paid off by having very minimal issues and the University was able to maintain web presence on and Lotus Notes during the outage. We appreciate the efforts and of: Mike DePew, Sidney Eaton, Rick McKibben, Gary Rolston, Steve Miller, Kris Rasmussen, Tom Jackson, Vicky Deur, Lynn Lewis, Mike Miklusicak and Dave Steffens.

Lorie Callcut, director, UCEL - Flint. Lorie managed and coordinated another special graduation day for the Ferris State University graduates at the Flint site. Lorie covered all the details, from ensuring that the graduation booklet with accurate and up-to-date, to the scrolls and flowers handed out, and even making sure that all the faculty had their proper regalia on time. Good Job!

Dionne Serges secretary, UCEL - Flint. Dionne coordinated the first ever pre-graduation evening event for the Southeast Michigan graduates of Ferris State. Dionne has only been with Ferris for six months, yet she coordinated all the details including flowers, food, facilities, and following up with those who hadn't RSVPd. It was a wonderful event!

The Office of Minority Student Affairs would like to give Jaquelyn Cargile, Frank Dye, Martin 2X Gordon, Aaron Guyton, Aaron Jackson, Dante Jennings, Keontay Kelly, Michael Noble, David Reed, Carnel Richardson, Vanita Sanders, Arthur Slavic, Brent, a huge Pat-on-the-Back for their help in our 21st Annual Pig-nic at Hemlock Park on Saturday, April 29. Because of their help, our Pig-nic was a huge success. We couldn't have done it without them. We appreciate their leadership, their positive attitudes and their dedication to service.

Darren Wilson, assistant professor, Heavy Equipment. Darren has put considerable effort into making his courses excellent. Behind the scenes he has worked hard to upgrade teaching materials, recruit students, and to make his program the best in the country. I wanted Darren to know that his efforts have been noticed and that he is an example of the type of person that makes Ferris a great place.

Lori Henderson, data security administrator, ISTS. She has been very helpful to me with my banner projects and is very willing to help out in a very timely manner. I would be at a standstill without her.