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Pat on the Back Awards March 2006

Congratulations to —

Tom and Sue Isabell, custodians, Automotive Center. They do a fantastic job of keeping our building clean despite all the salt and increased number of classes in the evening. I would like them to know the faculty appreciates their efforts.

Mike Cline, project leader, and Jim Lapeer, senior systems programmer, Information Services, for their cheerful, dedicated and successful assistance in determining why my computer would not run the needed financial aid reports! Thank you! Thank you!

Biology Department Greenhouse staff and faculty and department support staff (secretary and lab prep coordinator) for making the Biology Department the most inviting office on none. Our new display of window planters in the corridor between Science Building and Arts and Science Commons, the ever-changing orchid and tropical plant display in our departmental office.

Ted Halm, web content manager, for his great work with our website. He also worked on getting links to sites like Google for the Jim Crow Museum and this resulted in Dr. Pilgrim getting a phone call from California from Will Smith. THANK YOU for all you do, TED!! We appreciate all your hard work and efforts.

2006 Dr. MLK Jr. Planning Committee members for their efforts during MLK Week at Ferris State University. The week of events generated over 1400 participants and helped raise over $400 to be donated to the Mecosta/Osceola Walk for Warmth campaign. The committee, which began meeting in September 2005, went above and beyond the call of duty in order to create a more inclusive, engaged and diverse campus community. Thank you, committee members, for all of your help, hard work and dedication in keeping Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream alive! The planning committee members were: Sandy Alspach, Michiko Alvarenga, Tangynica Anderson, Anthony Baker, Jasmyne Brookins, Cheytaya Brown, Delilah Cornish, Wendy Dodd, Matt Eickhoff, Reverend Jon Fleming, Raymond Gant, Pastor Robert Garrels, Karen GreenBay, Kaiya Hamilton, Todd Heft, Cindy Horn, Jewel Johnson, Katherine Palazzolo-Miller, David Pilgrim, Vanita Sanders, Okia Strickland, John Thorp, Charlie Wade, Maurice Webb, Hurdylyn Woods, Nina Woods, Leroy Wright, and Representatives from: Black Greek Council, Entertainment Unlimited, First Expressions, Inter-Fraternity Council, N.S.M.H., N.A.A.C.P., Order of Omega, Social Work Association, and Y.B.B.W.

Bill Bitzinger, university photographer, University Advancement and Marketing, for his exceptional photography and dedication to meet a very tight timeline. Bill enlarged and framed several photos of a wife of one of Ferris' major donors. She had just passed away, and Bill made sure that the widower had the photos for the funeral the next day. The photos meant the world to her husband.

Katy Moore, surveying equipment room clerk, Surveying Department. Katy has been a tremendous asset to the Surveying program. In addition to handing out equipment and keeping inventory, Katy has assisted with secretarial duties. She is always willing to step in and help.

Glenn Zobel, moving coordinator, Physical Plant. Glenn is great to work with! I greatly appreciate his flexibility and willingness to do what it takes to make it happen!

The entire Catering Staff and Crew, as a big "Thank You" for all your help and flexibility in assisting us complete another very successful job fair season. Brenna and Stan, you and yours are GREAT!