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Pat on the Back Awards October 2006

Congratulations to —

Dr. William Potter, for always being positive, encouraging, a motivator, helping to think outside the box, having confidence in his staff, being reliable, trustworthy and open to suggestions.

Matt Yeoman, Assistant University Photographer. Matt went out of his way to share with me some of his photographic knowledge, which proved to be invaluable in allowing me to complete a project. Matt found time in his busy schedule to offer his assistance, which great contributed to allowing me to produce a quality project. A pat-on-the-back award would justly recognize Matt's excellent photographic skills and his positive contributions to the University.

Vice President Dan Burcham. During the August student move-in, one of our new students lost his wallet, panicked, and phoned Timme CSS to see what could be done since he had no money or ID. The employee politely spoke with him, and turned to VP Burcham for a response. The student was asked to go to CSS where VP Burcham gave him cash from his own pocket to hold him over. Later the student found his wallet in his room. The parents drove all the way back and with their student, went to VP Burcham to thank him and return the money. According a letter sent by the student's parents, VP Burcham's comment was, "of course I helped - he's part of the Ferris family...maybe you can do the same for someone in need sometime." This made a great impression on the student and the parents - who now "aspire to be more giving to those in need." VP Burcham is truly deserving of our thanks and a pat on the back!

Susan Morris is a lively, energetic presence in and outside of the classroom. She engages students in true dialog, gets them to think, challenges their assumptions and manages to make the whole experience incredibly pleasant and FUN!

Jody Gardei. She works well with people, doesn't laugh (too much) when asked silly computer questions, and gives service with a smile.

Mike Johnson of Academic Technology Services warrants a Pat-On-The-Back. Recently the TLC Laser Eye Center technicians were unable to connect to their office computer in Kalamazoo in order to upload/download critical patient information. Instead of going to lunch, Mike rushed over to Optometry to fix the connectivity problem. Because of his extra efforts, the patients were able to receive their laser surgery. His exemplary efforts deserve a Pat-on-the-Back!

Dan Moellering from TAC. I am the advisor for an international student who was having difficulty navigating WebCT while taking his first online course at Ferris. I tried to help the student and the online instructor also tried. However, he needed the extra hands on help. I had contacted ASC but they didn't have anyone available to assist the student until the following week. In the meantime, the student had assignments that needed to be submitted. On the behalf of the student I called TAC to see if anyone could help him. Even though this was not a technical difficulty issue, Dan Moellering informed me of a time when he probably wouldn't be busy at TAC (8:00pm-10:00pm) and asked the student to call him during this time. The student called and Dan was extremely helpful. He went the extra mile and explained WebCT thoroughly with the student. The student e-mailed me thanking me for getting him in touch with Dan numerous times. He also indicated in his email that he wanted me to thank Dan for him and added that he is one of the young students that Ferris has to be proud of. In fact he wrote "I just want to say thank you very very very much for your help." Obviously with Dan's assistance, this student will have a very positive experience with online classes.

I would like to enthusiastically nominate Jennifer Hollister for a "pat on the back" award. Jen always has a smile and pleasant demeanor. Jen is the "glue" that holds Business Services office together, and it is appreciated.

I would like to recognize Sherry Hickman in Payroll for her tireless efforts handling payroll issues and concerns, especially for those of us in Housing. She has the patience of a saint, and handles all of our questions with a great attitude. 9-5 has meant nothing in getting everything straightened out. Thanks so much...we couldn't pay our students without you!

Linda Hayes works with admission of international students. In her contacts with international students and their families, Linda is extremely friendly, caring, patient and efficient. Students and families really appreciate the care with which she treats all of them. She does a great job and is a much valued individual in our international admissions process.

Tom Liszewski, Michelle Yax, Mark VanLent, and Dr. Paul Sullivan. Recently, I replaced the secretary in the front office who retired after many years with the Counseling Center. Tom, Michelle, Mark, and Dr. Sullivan have all been incredibly patient, supportive, and graciously receptive to ideas for any changes I wanted to make to the front office. Every day I have heard words of encouragement and positive feedback on my job performance by one or all of them. They made stress of learning a new job less intense, and consistently demonstrate what teamwork is really all about. The university should be proud of the outstanding services and dedication they provide for our students everyday.

Sarah Shattuck, student employee, College of Technology Dean's Office deserves a Pat-On-The-Back award. The College of Technology classrooms and administrative offices are located in six buildings spread throughout the Big Rapids campus. Sarah volunteered to walk through each classroom and office to correct over 100 posted event flyers in each building. She completed this task in less than a day in her usual upbeat manner. She always goes above and beyond in all her duties with a smile for everyone. Thanks to Sarah who shows true Ferris Pride every day.

Randy Shanks for all of his hard work - always with a great attitude - in creating a new check-in/stats program for us this summer. He has worked very hard and done a remarkable job. He's always ready and willing to make any changes that we need (things that come up as we use the new program) he does it with enthusiasm! He's done a remarkable job and a pat-on-the-back is more than deserved!