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Pat on the Back Awards September 2006

Congratulations to —

Sarah Shattuck, student employee, College of Technology Dean's Office deserves a Pat-On-The-Back award. The College of Technology classrooms and administrative offices are located in six buildings spread throughout the Big Rapids campus. Sarah volunteered to walk through each classroom and office to correct over 100 posted event flyers in each building. She completed this task in less than a day in her usual upbeat manner. She always goes above and beyond in all her duties with a smile for everyone. Thanks to Sarah who shows true Ferris Pride every day.

I recently had Scott Claerhout spend about an hour installing my office computer. As a new faculty I was very impressed with his technical efficiency as well as his attitude. He was very helpful in answering many of the questions I had. Scott, similar to the others I have interacted with during my short time at Ferris, was a very positive campus representative. When he told me to call him with any more questions, I sensed sincerity; not just going through the motions.

We would like to nominate the Student Leadership and Activities office (Cindy Horn, Teresa Fogel, Matt Eickhoff and their spectacular staff of students), Sherry Hayes and Dr. Michael Cairns as recipients of this month's Pat on the Back Award for their, once again, flawless execution of the Welcome Week events. We received very positive feedback from everyone involved. We appreciate their leadership for pulling together a wonderful Welcome Week committee and for collaborating with so many groups of people in the Ferris community. Thank you and congratulations for another successful opening to our school year!

I would like to nominate Amy Otteson from Institutional Research & Testing for a Pat-on-the-back Award. I have worked with her several times over the last year regarding surveys for our office, and she is a pleasure to work with every time. Her turn-around time on projects is amazing, and she is just so darn friendly to deal with. She really makes it easy to "work together".

Jill Trinklein from the HVACR department deserves a Pat-on-the-back award for always going above and beyond the call of duty--especially when it concerns "swimming in the ice cream." Jill is a recruiter for the HVAC program and one of the things that she does is offer tours of Granger Center--complete with ice cream cones--until the machine breaks--that's when the swimming comes in. Way to go Jill--you are AWESOME--even if you do smell like an ice cream cone!!

Please accept this as my nomination for Barb Renne, CSS 101-P for Pat-on-the-back. She displayed exemplary service by following a sobbing student into the ladies restroom to console her and offer her assistance. Barb handled the situation with tact and compassion, offering to sit down with the student and try to resolve the problem. Barb offered this distressed student a ray of hope and caring when she was most in need.

Congratulations on the start of the LONG-awaited Judicial Action (Pave Systems) Database for Student Judicial Services. Thank you to Nancy Mettlach for accepting my challenge to take the lead in coordinating the detailed process of getting this new database purchased, and operational. Nancy has done a truly outstanding job with this difficult task. Thank you also to Ashley Atteberry who's incredible work ethic and calm demeanor has been invaluable in getting the database up and running. Thanks to Mike Slocum for his excellent input and suggestions and for representing the Hall Directors so well. I want to express my gratitude to Jana, Jon, Leroy, Brian and the Hall Directors for their patience, assistance, feedback and support. Obviously, a special thanks goes to Jim Cook, Kris Rasmussen, Jeff Spedowski, Tom Jackson and Paul Heidemann for all of their technical help and support (and patience with us). To say that "we couldn't have done it without you " is such an understatement. Thank you so much! I also want to thank Lisa Besemer and Linda Golden in the Purchasing Department for their advice and for always being so helpful. Thanks everyone!

Tim Pullen, Physical Plant HVACR employee, deserves two pat-on-the back awards. One for turning on the AC at Granger to help the finish dry two weeks ago and a pat-on-the-back for fixing a heating water supply line that was dripping down on to a computer at Granger. Tim had some helpers who also deserve honorable mentions Bill Ruppel, Bill Conrad and Eli Williams. Thanks guys!! You Rock!!

I would like to nominate Vice President Michael Harris for the Pat-on-the-Back Award. I recently received an email from an employee who attended Michael's welcome to the new faculty and left inspired. After his welcome and thoughts and views, this person left knowing they "make a difference, will make a difference and have made a difference... Michael.. was right where he needed to be. I was ready to follow. Michael should get an "atta boy" and a figuratively pat on the back."

I would like to nominate Asmaa Kouider (student employee at the Student Service Center) for all her hard work. She is always willing to take on what needs to be done and willing to go that extra mile to make sure things get done on a timely fashion.

I would like to nominate Debbera Lunsted from student employment for a pat on the back award. I have taken over student hiring for our office from our department secretary and it was all new to me and Deb has been great about helping me. She walked me through all the steps, told me which of our returning students had work study and explained to me where each form was in my FSU and helped me avoid any mistakes. She is most certainly an asset to the student employment office and the University Community.

Sue Terry, Educational and Career Counseling Center, and Kerstin Rios, Disability Services, for assisting with the stuffing of the Ferris State University Seminar (FSUS) courses packets. Having no fear of paper cuts, they charged ahead and worked on the mountain of paper materials for fall distribution, great team work gals.

I would like Nancy Walcutt to receive a Pat On The Back. She is always very helpful to me and is nice about it. For a little person she carries a full load. Hat's off to her.

Shawn Lagasse because of his service to the college of pharmacy and his willingness to take the extra step. Shawn has built up a reputation in the college of pharmacy as the "go to guy" for technical needs and supports them with the highest effectiveness and customer oriented attitude. Not only will Shawn go above and beyond the customers expectations, but he does it with a smile on his face and a wonderful attitude to his customers. He truly exemplifies what hard work and goal oriented people are like.

I would like to nominate Gerri Gomber, Janet Romanowski, and the entire staff of the communication center for a pat on the back award. The communication center hears a lot of complaints, including complaints from myself, about misdirected phone calls or too many transfers. These complaints are from people who obviously have no idea what goes on within the communication center. I just walked an hour in their shoes, and couldn't wait to leave. (Sorry guys, but your job is very stressful.) For the full hour that I was there, the phone never stopped ringing. Not even for 10 seconds so that I could breath. As soon as I hung up the receiver, the phone was ringing again. Most of the callers were calling to yell at someone about their bill. Most of the callers had been on hold, and were now furious about that too. For the full hour that I was in the communication center, everyone working there was just as busy or busier than I was. I also found out that some of the communication center employees have been working 6+ days a week. Even with all of this, all of the communication center employees had wonderful, cheerful attitudes and were very kind to our callers. They were kind after days of being yelled at for problems they did not create, nor did they have the power to fix. If anyone thinks their job is stressful, donate an hour to the communication center. The communication center will appreciate the help, and after your hour is over, you will appreciate your job.

Good morning. We would like to nominate Nick Prentiss for his efforts with our King/Chavez/Parks College Day Program. Nick served on a student panel for our College of Technology partnered KCP Visit in April, 2006 with Southfield Lathrop High School. Nick was so enthusiastic about being a Ferris student, about his program (Television and Digital Media Production) and about his volunteer experiences. He spoke so eloquently and with such passion. As a result, a student participating in the event decided to apply to Ferris and into the program that Nick was in. She originally was not going to come here, but Nick's excitement changed her mind. She applied and is now accepted. Because of Nick's efforts, she will begin her own experiences as a Bulldog this fall!

I nominate Mike Cairns for this award. He is witty, warm, has tremendous attention to detail, and does his best to bring people together to work as a team. He is a natural born leader, and his desire to make Ferris a better place affects all with whom he comes in contact.

I nominate Bill Potter, dean of University College, for this award. Bill is honest and straight forward. He sees the big picture, grasps the essential issues that affect us in academe, and is tireless in his support of those in his employ.

I also nominate Penny Bouman. Penny is creative, a quick study, has a great attitude and is always willing to try new things in an effort to make the institution run more smoothly.

I would like to nominate Darci Stevens for a Pat on the Back award. The mouse on one of our computers quit working on a day that most of the TAC personnel were away on training. We were desperate to have that computer going because it was necessary for the production of some emergency jobs, and none of the other mouses (mice?) in our office would fit it. Darci came over herself with a new mouse and got us going!!!! What a life-saver.....she is a real asset to FSU!

I would like to nominate the ENTIRE STAFF from the BUSINESS OFFICE AND ENROLLMENT SERVICES DEPARTMENT, this would include the staff from admissions, financial aid, and registrars. With the implementation of the Banner system the stress and extra hours all these folks have had to endure in order for this fall's 12,000+ students to be able to come to FSU is extraordinary. Their cooperative efforts here in BR and GR have been exemplary. They ALL deserve a POTB t-shirt! I am very proud to work with these folks!