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Pat on the Back Awards September 2005

Congratulations to —

Ben Upham, assistant professor, Automotive Service Technology. Ben helped register some of my students while I was attending a conference. Ben also has taken a lead in the details of obtaining NATEF re-certification and dealing with applicants on the new faculty search committee. Ben is a great colleague to work with.

Sandy Morningstar, Purchasing Office. So many people are confused and/or stressed out about Banner and Sandy is on the front-lines for calls and questions. I know that I alone have had numerous questions and issues, and I'm sure that others were also calling Purchasing with the same kinds of things! She does what she can to make the turn-around time from requisition to purchase order as brief as possible and never seems annoyed that our department always needs things "right away." Through it all Sandy keeps her pleasant demeanor and takes all the stress projected onto her in stride.

Nancy Walcutt, student services representative, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. I would like to express the fact that we are very lucky to have Nancy working for our department. My husband and I were having dinner and one of out students that I have helped in the past was our waitress. She wanted me to know how grateful she was that I had referred her to Nancy Walcutt because she was awesome. She wanted to make sure that I thanked Nancy and said over and over how wonderful she was.

Josh Hayes, computer technician, Academic Technology Services, College of Education and Human Services. His readiness to tackle any issue that comes up is amazing and he always does this with professionalism and efficiency. We are very luck to have such great support.

Andy Butts, student computer technician, ATS. For his help in an extremely time sensitive job. He was able to juggle his schedule and regular duties and put in extra time in order to get a database ready for Fall 2005 semester. He was under enormous time constraints and pretty much on his own, and Andy managed to get the database done early and even update the setup a little. He finished this up and never slacked on his everyday duties.

This past month, we had a *very* large project of disposing about a years worth of old computers. They all needed to be evaluated, recorded, packaged and shipped in a very short time frame. So most of the students from the TAC and Inventory, along with John Monahan and Gary Lutz, spent long days in those really hot July days doing all this work. The whole group worked as one well-organized team, and we recycled over 500 old monitors, 200 CPUs, 150 printers, and may other assorted parts and papers. It was amazing to see how much work they got done in a short amount of time.

I would like to give the following people pat on the back awards for their part in the process: TAC students: Beth Garcia, Kari Kailing, Buck Rathbun, C. J. LaTourneau, Nathan Selby, Daniel Moellering, Darci Stevens, Jennie Balberde

Inventory Students: LaToya Pritchard, Amanda Myers, Ray VanReitte, Jeana Hamelund

ATS Students: Jacob Bouvrette, Joel Scott

From Delta/Gamma: Tricia Chambers, Matt Westerburg

From Sigma: Alex Petrovich, Jonathan Gore