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Pat on the Back Awards March 2005

Congratulations to —

Raymond Gant, director, and Karyn Benner, college day-special program coordinator, Office of Minority Affairs. They traveled to Benton Harbor Charter School with members of the student organization known as T.O.W.E.RS. ("Teaching Others What Encourages Real Success.") The three students – Vanita Sanders, Gail Taylor-Bolden, and Stacy Winchester – presented a dynamic program to approximately 100 4th through 8th graders. Each presenter gave a brief history of their family background and real-life challenges that they faced in getting a high school and a college education. The very poignant messages delivered by the presenters were both comedic and serious while stressing the importance of self-discipline, focus, and commitment for these students to continue their education. At the conclusion of the students' program, Mr. Gant and the Team met with the teachers for an additional hour to reinforce the importance of fostering a caring and rich learning environment to help students develop their individual sense of self-worth. Our special thanks and appreciation go Raymond, Karyn, Vanita, Gail, and Stacy for the time they spent with Benton Harbor Charter School students and teachers.

Jean Vallier, Student Service Rep, Timme Center, because she has a great attitude and has helped me with numerous problems, getting loans and aid I needed.

Jon Shaffer, associate director of housing, and Thomas Adams, public safety officer. These men went way beyond the 'call of duty' to assist a student and other university offices. They volunteered hours of their own time AFTER already completing the day's work in order to provide assistance to a student in need when no alternatives could be found. They simply stepped forward--I'm sure there were many other things they might have enjoyed doing with that time--instead they 'contributed' a few hours of their lives to help someone else--a student here at FSU.

Shelly VandePanne, coordinator FSUS and UC registration. Shelly is a very special lady. She encourages students, faculty, and staff to recognize their potential. She is never too busy to listen and offer advice in a very subtle way when it is requested. She lives by and practices the Golden Rule. She is such a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Shelly, for being such an exemplary role model.

Joan Totten, academic department head, Dev. Prog and Curr. Joan is the BEST and GREATEST boss ever. She is so caring, understanding, encouraging, and compassionate. I have the privilege to work for an EXCELLENT supervisor. Thank you, Joan, for being so wonderful and an exceptional leader.

William Potter, dean of University College. Dr. Potter deserves a pat-on-the-back award for the Ferris pride he exhibits. He leads by going "Above and Beyond" in everything he does. You always leave him with a good feeling about yourself. Thank you, Dean Potter, for your leadership.

Heather M. Bandeen, coordinator for Northern Region Education Teacher Programs and Field Experiences. For a sincere pat on the back. She started me back toward my education goals, and greased the wheels to make it happen. She is a bright star in the galaxy of stars that I meet through Ferris.

Troy Tissue, coordinator of recruitment. On February 3, we held a New Student Reception for over 200+ people in Grand Rapids. At the last minute, the major presenter got sick and couldn't give the one-hour presentation. Troy stepped in, like the trooper he is, and gave the presentation as though he had done it many times before. Awesome job!

Kevin Jackson, and Jim White, Physical Plant custodial. I recently had a work related issue, and these two men went above and beyond to make sure these issues were handled, I would like to thank them for being there. People like this really make a difference in the work place.

Mike Miklusicak, Brad Havel and Calvin Schalk, Info. Serv./Tele.; Craig Roach, Tele.; Tom Jackson and Dave Syckle, Acad. Tech. Serv.; Mike Johnson, Stud. and Admin. Tech. Serv.; Melissa Wilkinson and Annette Jackson, Dent. Hyg. Clinic.

With a customer service oriented team approach for solving on-going Dental Clinic software application issues. Many hours were spent by these staff members, to attain stability in the PPM application for the Dental Clinic. Mike Miklusicak coordinated the efforts of all of the people listed and provided the technical expertise and strategic direction. This project would not have been successful without Mike's guidance, coordination, and leadership.

Craig Roach and Calvin Schalk assisted in efforts to isolate the Dental Clinic network. Brad Havel, Mike Johnson, and Tom Jackson assisted with the Microsoft Server setup for the database. Mike Johnson and Dave Syckle addressed workstation configuration issues so that the computers for data entry worked properly.

Rebecca Kowalkoski, educational counselor, College of Business. Becky has put so much time in helping us to improve our checksheets and has/is working very hard with all of our faculty to make sure the COB students are getting the very best advising possible. Becky goes out of her way to help solve problems and create positive solutions. We want to say THANK YOU and let her know how much we here in BUS 212 appreciate her.

Sherry Standen, Linda Reed, Marsha Longbrake, Allissia Byle and Jacque Campau, Admissions and Records Office "transcript team" for their hard work through a tough week of training and adjustment. All met the challenge with positive attitudes and open minds. Their hard work and dedication to accurate transcript entry only helps to improve the forward steps we are taking toward better student service.

Debbie Carley, coordinator, Study Abroad. Always professional, always pleasant, great promoter of the various Study Abroad programs, very conscientious and easy to work with.

Judy Mitchell, custodian, Hallisy Hall. The Admissions Office keeps one suite of rooms in Hallisy to show visiting prospective students and families how a residence hall looks. I recently found out that Judy has been taking the time to make sure the rooms stay presentable; mopping up the mud and dirt left behind by the daily tour traffic.

Janet Bowman, Honors Program staff support. Janet always has a smile on her face, is totally customer-oriented, patient and kind. She is very conscientious in her work and dives into any task given to her, even if it is something she has never done before - she figures it out and likes to troubleshoot. She never complains and is a very positive person. "Don't know how to do" or "can't do" is not in her vocabulary. What is in her vocabulary is, "Well, I've never done that before, but I can figure it out" and she always does and takes off flying. We are lucky to have her working for us.

Julie Doyle, coordinator, hospitality programs and Raymond Gant, director, Minority Affairs. Julie and Raymond are to be commended for their willingness to "pitch in" and be flexible when the dinner speaker for the recent FLEX conference was stranded in Philly and unable to get to Big Rapids. Raymond stepped in as presenter, receiving great evaluations by the students and Julie was totally willing to change the time of her presentation in an attempt to allow the original speaker to arrive. Thanks to you both for helping to ensure the success of this great event!

Glenn Zobel, moving coordinator. Thank you so much for your "can do" attitude and flexibility! Especially when it comes to troubleshooting for the major events we hold on campus. You are very much appreciated!

Mike Kelly, Physical Plant, Auto Mechanic, and Teresa Havens, Physical Plant, Clerk Typist. Mike always has time to do some little thing to the Charter Schools office's assigned vehicle on very short notice so that the CSO staff will have a safe and pleasant trip. Mike has always been pleasant and accommodating in that regard and the CSO staff appreciates it. I would like to formally say thank you to Mike. Teresa is always accommodating and helpful when the CSO needs an extra motor pool vehicle. She makes every effort to be sure that the vehicle is one that will meet our needs. She is aware that many of our trips are into urban areas of cities and that we need good reliable transportation. I want to say, "Thank You, Teresa."

Jane Pedelty and her employees at the Copy Center came through for me again. They received the syllabi for our department (9 faculty) on the Friday before classes started and they were in our office by noon on Monday. Now that is great service. They make my job so much easier. Thanks!