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Pat on the Back Awards June 2005

Congratulations to —

Mark Walton, assistant manager, Dining Services. I would like to nominate Mark for getting caught being kind. We fed a large group of young students and Mark, not being in his domain, stepped outside of his box, helped the students, refilled ice, checked on food, answered questions, and generally was a real plus for us.....thanks Mark!

Marie Cross, student service representative 2, Admissions and Records. Recently I applied for a new position here at Ferris which required copies of my original transcripts from both Ferris and Grand Rapids Community College. while I was at Grand Rapids Community College I was working towards an Associates Degree but recently found out I was 3 classes short, after talking to GRCC they suggested that I have my Ferris transcripts sent to them because they thought they would be able to transfer in credits to allow me to receive my degree. I talked with Marie and explained the situation to her and explained that I was under a tight deadline and she said that GRCC and Ferris had a fax agreement and that she would fax my transcripts right away, which she did. I checked with GRCC several times and they insisted they had not received them so I once again called Marie. She called GRCC and checked for me and found that they could not find my transcript so she faxed it to them again and then called me back to let me know that she had done this and that GRCC would process them right away. Marie went above and beyond to help me, because of her efforts GRCC has the transcript and has transferred in the credits and all is well. It is great to know that when you have a problem like this there are people that will do all they can to help you. The University as well as our students are lucky to have Marie.

Annette Erler, clerk typist, Physical Plant. For doing such a great job and projecting such a great attitude. She always takes the time to put the personal touch to everything she does. Also for helping out with the United Way lunches (making food and helping getting things ready).

Bill Ruppel, apprentice HVACR, Physical Plant. For making food and donating it for the United Way lunches. For having such a positive attitude and being so helpful.

Teresa Havens, clerk typist, Physical Plant. For making food and donating it for the United Way lunches. And for just being very helpful and having a great attitude. She is always willing to help and she does a great job.

Pepper Bonnett, mail coordinator, Mail Center. For making food and donating it for the United Way lunches. For just being very helpful and having a wonderful attitude. She is always willing to help and she does a wonderful job.

All Physical Plant staff for supporting the United Way lunches and helping make money for the different programs.

HVAC Shop, For making food and donating it to help make money for the United Way. Thanks for the help.

As you will see the following nominations are from an outgoing student: "I would like to nominate several people for this award. I hope that they will all receive the award, as they all are very deserving people who have helped me so much while I have been at Ferris. I am graduating this semester, and I just wish that I would have known about this award sooner so that I could have nominated these amazing people before now. Thanks!

First, Holly Price has really helped me to feel as if I am ready for graduate school. She was willing to be the advisor of the FSU Math, Computer Science, and Statistics Club, to write me recommendation letters on short notice, and to coach me on a poster session that I created this semester. These are only a few of the things that she has done. I will be forever indebted to her for sparking my interest in statistics.

Second, Ronald Shepler has taught me everything that I know about writing a mathematical proof. Every proof class that Ferris has to offer, I have taken with him. He has definitely been an inspiration to me, and has shown enthusiasm toward his students in every class that I have had him as a professor for. I am very grateful that he was willing to teach the Mathematical Modeling class this semester, even when we're not sure whether or not it was going to be offered or not due to lack of interest.

Third, Maude Bigford single-handedly convinced me to attend Ferris. I remember when I was a scared high school student visiting Ferris with my dad, and she just wrangled over to the Honors Program table. And before I knew it, she had sent me off to a tour of a residence hall. I would not have even agreed to go on that tour if it were not for Maude Bigford. I am very glad that she was so enthusiastic about trying to get me to attend Ferris.

Fourth, Jane Pole is one of the nicest people at Ferris. I am extremely happy that I got to work for her at the Academic Support Center. Although, I remember when she wouldn't hire me because I looked scared and nervous. And now that I recall, I probably did look scared and nervous. But I am thankful that Jane gave me a chance to tutor my friend mathematics, as it really helped me to become more outgoing, and meet a lot of people that I would not have met otherwise.

Fifth, Kent Sun is one amazing man. Yes, he is tough on his students, but he always has chocolate in his office, so it balances out. On a more serious note, Dr. Sun has done more than what was necessary to help me prepare for the Actuarial Science Exam. It is a hard exam, and because of the long hours that Dr. Sun has put in helping me prepare for the exam, I am confident that I will be able to pass it now. The confidence that Dr. Sun has given me to work independently is one skill that is not taught in the traditional classroom.

Sixth, Roy Gifford has been awesome in what he has done for the Ferris Mathematics Department this semester. I am glad that I was able to take a class with him, and get to know him, as he always is so friendly, and remembers all of his students names. Every student and their individual needs is important to him. He is very supportive of student involvement in the department, such as Ferris Math, Computer Science, and Statistics Club activities."