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Pat on the Back Awards April 2005

Congratulations to —

Kimberly Duncan, cook, Mascar Grille. She was recently denied vacation time due to the needs of Dining Services, and brought in peanut butter fudge for all of us. She has put in for vacation at other times when she had personal things to take care of, finished early with that stuff, came in to see me at work, and worked the day, because there was no one available to replace her shift. She has a wonderful attitude daily, gets along great with our students, both customers and employees, she goes the extra mile every day for us. I truly belief that she deserves a pat on the back for all that she does.

Jessica Rush, FLITE Health Sciences Librarian. Jessica is amazingly helpful and knowledgeable in her field. I sometimes contact her with rather sparse information concerning a text or need of mine or my students and she has always been able to fill them in a rapid and professional manner.

Tony Kettle, set-up coordinator, Rankin Student Center. Prompt, courteous, witty, organized and clear: that's Tony, and that is why he is a joy to work with!

Debra Cox, academic department head, Educational and Career Counseling Center. Excellent listener, creative problem solver, and conscientious to the max describes Deb.

Denise Barowicz, director, Labor Relations. Denise shows extreme professionalism and thoroughness in preforming her duties. She is also able to remain patient and courteous when dealing with people that pressure her for answers that she is not at liberty to share with them. I feel that Denise has a very thankless job and I would like to say "Thank you Denise for all that you do!!!"

Margaret Pawlowski, student worker, HVACR Institute. She always goes above and beyond in anything you ask of her. Margie is extremely busy with her studies and her involvement in the Rubber Group but she is always willing to adjust her schedule when possible to help us out. Margie has been featured in the Crimson and Gold Magazine in an article about women in rubber and plastics and does recruiting for the Rubber program also. Her enthusiasm for Ferris, the Rubber and Plastics Program and her job is obvious and it comes out in everything she does which I feel makes her perfect for a pat-on-the-back award.

Curt Pawlowski, student worker, HVACR Program, but helps us out with special projects here at the HVACR Institute. On March 04, 2005, the program office called and needed 200 recruitment booklets to be sent that afternoon to a trade show in Texas. The recruitment booklets have to be assembled and sealed in plastic before they are sent. Curt took it upon himself to walk in extremely cold weather from the Granger Center to our building on Maple street to get these books ready. His dedication to the HVACR Program and Institute went above and beyond what anyone could expect and that is why I think he deserves a pat-on-the-back award.

Steve Eichenberg, manager, HVACR Institute. He is the type of supervisor every employee hopes for. Steve is understanding and always encourages you to come up with creative ideas to increase business. He is the type of supervisor that empowers you to do the best job possible. Steve is always willing to help where needed...whatever it may be...a trade show, homecoming, recruitment or even something simple such as answering a phone or packing an order, he is always willing to help. He leads by being positive and that's what makes him an excellent candidate for this award.

Jason, student worker, computer support tech, Dining Services Administrative office. I always seem to present Jason with questions about my computer programs that he inevitably has to research and work out the problem. He is great about not giving up until the question or problem is solved. Jason performs his job with willingness, a positive attitude, and perseverance. I will certainly miss his help when he graduates from FSU!

Tammy Babcock, honors program assistant, Honors Program. She has amazing attention to detail, is friendly and courteous to all who enter her office, and has an unflagging zeal for honors and Ferris State.

Karen Lobdell, secretary, Developmental Programs and Curriculum. She is quick, efficient, conscientious and willing to get all jobs done in a thorough manner. She makes our lives easier because of her efficiency.

Jessica Rush, librarian, Reference and Instructional Services, FLITE. She has been there for me at all times. I can't count the number of times that I needed an article for my class or research that Jessica has assisted me in a timely manner. She uses all her resources to see to it that I have what I need whenever I call on her for help. Thanks Jessica!

Maryanne Priemer, student services representative, Timme Center. She has been very helpful and supporting to me and others. She knows her stuff!!!