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Pat on the Back Awards May 2005

Congratulations to —

Jeff Peticolas, staff support at the Automotive Center. Jeff is very helpful to faculty and cares about the students. Student workers learn a lot about vehicles and life from Jeff. He helps with accepting deliveries of heavy objects such as engines, finds places to store them and mounts them up on stands when we need them. Jeff has Ferris pride and deserves a pat on the back.

Debra Vance, secretary, English, Literature, and World Languages. Deb is doing an exceptional job with her extra responsibilities for administering the academic profiles to upper division writing classes. It is a challenge to encourage students to participate honestly in the surveys, and the task is quite time consuming. She has taken on this additional responsibility while at the same time continuing her normal responsibilities, such as preparing the Prism for publication and organizing the awards banquet, as well as the additional responsibility of managing the office and student workers.

Gayle Driggers, secretary, English, Literature, and World Languages. She is conscientious and more than willing to get all jobs done in a thorough manner. She often goes beyond her responsibilities and helps others with their tasks. Despite her heavy workload, Gayle is always ready with a smile and brightens the office with her enthusiasm. Gayle deals with all of her audiences, faculty, staff, and students with enthusiasm and kindness. She is a joy to work with.

Elzbeth MacIain, department secretary, Social Sciences. Quick, efficient, helpful, easy to work with.

Jill Gregory, department secretary, Plastics and Rubber Engineering Technology Dept. She has demonstrated her commitment to the plastics program in many ways. Most recently she declined to attend a "woman's" conference so she could participate in the Programs' advisory committee meeting. This dedication carries over to our students - many recognize her contribution and often give her small gifts or cards in appreciation. I can think of no one more deserving of a "Pat on the back" award. Thank you.

Annette Erler, clerical, Physical Plant and Dale Schoner, custodial, Physical Plant. Geez, here I go again! On April 8, I arrived at my office to find that a vandal had thrown a huge rock through my office window. There was broken glass everywhere! After filing a report with Public Safety, I called the Physical Plant for a clean up. Within half an hour, Annette Erler had managed to have someone here from United Glass to measure up for a new window; a carpenter to board up the opening; and Dale Schoner to clean my office. Dale spent nearly two hours picking up large pieces of glass and vacuuming up the shards and pulverized pieces. By the time he finished, there wasn't even the smallest trace of evidence remaining. My greatest appreciation goes to both Annette and Dale for going well above and beyond the call of duty.

Julie Urick, clerical support, Academic Support Center. Julie is always upbeat and handles day to day interaction with students, faculty and staff in a professional, friendly manner. Julie has an approachable demeanor which is very important in her position. Julie adapts well in an ever changing environment and is always willing to take on tasks asked of her. Julie went above and beyond the call of duty the past several weeks to assist a co-worker in a time of need. Thanks, Julie, for all that you do that doesn't get recognized and thank you for being a part of the ASC team.

Becky Kowalkoski, educational counselor, and Liz Spedoske, secretary, College of Business. I feel they deserve this award because... ...A local high school student/admitted freshman contacted me requesting assistance with her fall class schedule because she was having back surgery in mid-June. She was unsure of what mobility she would have after surgery and was worried that she wouldn't be able to attend Orientation. Becky and Liz quickly reviewed the student's file and registered her for classes. They not only got her a schedule quickly, they also ensured that her classes were held in locations that would not require her to "sprint" across campus. Their dedication to assisting this student is wonderful and has eased the mind of this student tremendously! THANK YOU!!

Arlene Krellwitz, co-supervisor, Academic Support Center. Arlene has gone above the call of duty the past several weeks. She has offered encouragement and support and taken on added responsibilities without complaint. I appreciate the positive environment (with the added twist of humor) that she has created. Ferris State is fortunate to have such a dedicated employee and I am lucky to have Arlene as my colleague and friend.