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Third Party Payments

Third Party Billing Information

Ferris State University will directly invoice companies, embassies, or other agencies for students who provide authorization. Any student sponsored by a third party agency must submit a letter of authorization to Student Financial Services. The authorization must include:

  • Student's name and ID number
  • Semester which is covered (a new authorization is required each semester)
  • Any stipulations regarding a maximum amount or specific courses which are covered
  • Detailed information on types of charges which are covered (tuition only, fees, books, etc.)
  • Billing contact information for the third party payer

If the authorization stipulates that it is a reimbursement which is contingent upon grades or completion of courses, the authorization will NOT be accepted. 

Once the authorization is received, Student Financial Services will credit the student's account in the amount authorized. Any non-authorized charges will be the responsibility of the student and will be due by the semester due date. The credit is not indicative of an actual payment from the agency, but is rather a placeholder to prevent any late fees or holds while the invoice is in process to the third party payer. An itemized invoice will be sent to the third party agency after the add/drop period has ended for the semester.

If payment is not received from the agency within 30 days of receipt of the invoice, the credit will be reversed from the student account and the student will be responsible for the payment. Late fees and registration/transcript holds may apply.

If a third party authorizes the purchase of required books, Student Financial Services will create a voucher for the student to be used at the FSU Online Bookstore. The voucher code will be mailed to the student to be used at checkout. For information on bookstore charge dates, please click here

Third party authorizations may be emailed to [email protected] or may be mailed to:

Ferris State University
Student Financial Services
1201 S. State St., CSS 101S
Big Rapids, MI 49307

If you have any questions regarding the third party billing program, please contact (231) 591-3972 or email [email protected]

Third Party Billing Participants

529 and College Savings Plans

If a student is the beneficiary of a 529 or college savings plan (including MESP), the account owner must contact the financial institution managing the plan to request a disbursement. 

Checks should include the student ID number and may be mailed to:

Ferris State University
Student Financial Services 
1201 S. State St., CSS 101PA
Big Rapids, MI 49307

As it can take several weeks for the funds to be received by Ferris State, it is advised that the funds be requested as soon as possible so they can be processed by the payment deadline in order to prevent the student's classes from being dropped. Any amount not paid by the college savings payment must either be paid in full by the payment deadline, or the student/parent must enroll in a payment plan and make the first installment payment by the payment deadline.

If the student drops a class(es), or if the college savings payment creates an overpayment, the credit balance will be refunded back to the student directly. The refund will either be sent as a check to the student's permanent address, or will be direct deposited to the bank account on file.