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Refundable Fees

Refundable Fees and Refund Dates

  • Spring Term 2023 - Refund Dates January 9 - 13
  • Summer Term 2023 - Refund Dates May 16 - 22
  • Fall Term 2023 - Refund Dates Aug 28 - Sep 1

The following Ferris State University fees are refundable each semester and ONLY during the first five days of the semester at the locations listed below. Remember refunding the fee will result in a loss of the benefits listed below:

  • Student Activity Fee $20 – at the Student Service Center with valid FSU Student ID or by email, from an FSU email address, at [email protected]

    This fee pays for the majority of campus entertainment including but not limited to: concerts, Five Star Events, speakers, comedians, magicians and Club Sports. If you elect to have this fee refunded, it could prevent you from attending certain activities or receiving discounted ticket prices and also could cause your group the inability to request funding from the Finance Division of Student Government.

  • Student Government Fee $1 – at the Student Service Center with valid FSU Student ID or by email, from an FSU email address, at [email protected] 

    Sponsors the BIG Event (community service program), Pancakes with the President, Leadership Dinner, Emergency Preparation meeting for students, and supports RSOs with funding for some events.

  • Health Services $53 – complete the request online via Health Dog Patient Portal

    The Health Services Fee helps to support Birkam Health Center, your campus health care facility.  Birkam Health Center provides high quality, low cost primary health care by licensed health care providers and nurses.  The Health Service Fee is NOT health insurance.  Your health is important to us.  You should only request the fee back if you are under the care of a local primary care provider or have another way of receiving health care if needed.  If you have your fee credited, you will be ineligible to receive services at Birkam Health Center for the semester.  If you find that you’re in need of health care services during the semester you requested the fee back, you will be able to pay the fee at the time of service and will be asked to sign an agreement to not request the fee back the following semester.  To request the fee refund, log in to MyFSU, follow the student tab, Life @ FSU to Health Center icon, Healthy Dog Patient Portal.  Click on Forms: “Request for HC Fee Refund" and complete the form. For the fall semester, the form is available Monday, August 29 through Friday, September 2. 

  • Racquet Facility Fee $16 – at the Racquet and Fitness Facility with valid FSU Student ID or by email, from an FSU email address, at [email protected].

    This facility fee covers court time (tennis/racquetball/wallyball), fitness room and facility access.  It allows for member rates on tennis and pickleball classes.  Amenities at the facility include indoor/outdoor tennis and pickleball courts, racquetball court/wallyball, weight room, exercise room, fitness room, sauna (men’s/women’s), programs (tennis and pickleball), as well as free parking.  For more information visit

    If you have this fee refunded, you will need to pay $8 for each visit and non-member rates for court fees and classes.  A valid student ID is required to participate in any student group activities.

Students have the first five days of the semester to request a refund. The Student Financial Services center will not refund any cash back to a student until after the drop and add period which is after the 4th day of the semester. If a student owes money, Student Financial Services will reduce what they owe. If a student is getting a financial aid refund, it will be included in the refund. If a student does not owe anything, said student will need to come back to the Timme Center to get the cash refund of those funds after the fifth day of the semester.